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    Just in case you didn't's a little refresher course why we have drug and prostitution laws.

    Drug laws are about protecting monopolies. I can give you many examples of why this is, and you probably wouldn't like it. But the latest example comes from someone I know who, shall we say, had a vested interest in Prop 19 passing. According to the source, the source informed me that many northern California pot growers were happy that Prop 19 failed. See, they don't want the competition that would ensure from legal cannabis growing. I can't even begin to tell you how much that comment made my day.

    Prostitution laws are so you guys can get some action for free, and your basic local pol, whether he be the police chief, the city council, whatever can make some extra spending money.

    There's a reason why the girl biz is the oldest profession. (If this were Redstate, I'd have to explain why, but I assume you're smart enough here to figure out why that is). Most countries, the profession is legal, if not at least tolerated. Or you have countries where organized crime pretty much runs the country (Japan and Thailand are prime examples) where the business is actually prohibited but only enforced for outsiders (my diary about how organized crime is inevitably linked to right wing political groups will have to wait for another day, I'm afraid).

    You have all that money flying around, you're going to have cops and pols who want to catch some of it. So, can't do that if the business is legal.

    Let me give you an example from Southern California. One of the largest Korean imported girl biz operations was run by someone familiar to me. Now, to run an operation the size of what he had, it wasn't enough to pay off the cops, he had to pay off the Feds, too. He still got rich with 1/3 of the deal.

    I can only think of his counterpart up north who made (and burned) literally millions. He got busted after he got into serious debt with Asian loan sharks from his gambling habit and couldn't pay-he had to sell a piece of his business to them to settle the debt. So, of course, when the cops picked him up (after a 9-10 year reign), it was more like an intervention. If he gets anything more than the minimum, or even reduced to a misdemeanor, I'd be surprised.

    So, it's kind of like this...please cease and desist with the dog and pony show, even though this one was a twofer (what's next, Shining Path invades Redding Co? Dude, that's so '90s). It gets annoying, and I have to write comments about how corrupt you guys really are, just like the politicians.

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