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View Diary: Jan Schakowsky on the PBS NewsHour (153 comments)

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    She KNOWS the Social Security Trust Fund is totally SEPARATE from the General Fund.

    General Fund money pays for those EXPENSIVE unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, unethical, dishonorable wars, which implies she knows that the loans that are taken out to support those unnecessary wars of choice (war crimes at this stage) are not counted in with the general deficit.

    She at least recognizes we don't need any more nukes.

    Maybe I missed something in only listening once, but I didn't hear her say anything about bringing ALL the troops home from Iraq (and nearby countries - Kuwait or Qatar or wherever the reserves of the 50,000 in Iraq are housed) and Afghanistan (no one knows why we're there now - and likely OBL has long since died which is why Dumbya quit thinking about him many years ago after OBL was let go at Tora Bora on the say-so of someone in 'high authority').

    Since Schakowsky knows the difference, maybe she'd like to have a little chit-chat with that blithering idiot Michele Bachmann from MN Dist. 6 who doesn't know the difference but wants Social Security funds "privatized" [read: gambled away in Wall Street, or at least the money that doesn't go to 'money managers' will disappear into that black hole that is Wall Street].

    Privatize Social Security, Bruce Plante cartoon, Tulsa World

    [Because privatizing retirement funds and investing 401k funds with Wall Street was such a good idea the first time..., eh?]

    They're asking for another four years -- in a just world, they'd get 10 to 20. ~~ Dennis Kucinich

    by NonnyO on Mon Nov 22, 2010 at 11:32:05 PM PST

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