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View Diary: SF Supe: Inmate Ed Jew 'gets more black cock' than gay pol (60 comments)

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  •  You're gonna make some awesome friends here. (6+ / 0-)

    Cuz everyone loves being called a pussy.

    People need to remember - this is San Francisco.  It's a great town (I'm peering out my window over Mission St. as I type this). Politics here is screwy for reasons other cities only dream of.  Like this:

    Steven Johnson Leyba and the band the United Satanic Apache Front became infamous around the world when the performed "The INVOCATION to CURSE the NATION and the "Apache Whiskey Rite" at political consultant Jack Davis's 50th birthday party in 1997. In attendance were the Mayor of San Francisco, the Sheriff, the D.A. and many members of the board of supervisors and the 49'r football team.

    The Whiskey Rite was described thusly:

    The party, replete with multi-sexual go-go sluts and a glory hole wall, climaxed with a guy named Steve Leyba getting a pentagram carved on his back and being pissed on and sodomized with a bottle of Jack Daniel's


    Go-go sluts. Glory holes. Satanic prayers. Public urination into the freshly cut pentagram. Sodomy with a bottle.

    Chris Daly is rude, and a total jackass, but he is so fucking amateur.

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