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View Diary: [UPDATED] U.S. Citizen "Ghost Detainee" Accused of Bush Assassination Plot, But ... (127 comments)

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    Torture doesn't work--even if you like the idea, it just doesn't do the job.  

    Why?  Most people under torture will say anything to make it stop.  The only ones who won't are those who believe that martyrdom is a good thing for them, and so aren't afraid to die, even painfully.  Thus, we simply can't get good intelligence about terrorist plots by torturing people.  Much better to use the FBI methods that DO result in good information, and are not in violation of human rights.

    The Sri Lankan torture expert who says it can be effective in saving lives was dealing with Tamils, who aren't Muslim and aren't jihadists.  

    If you're going in the wrong direction and you stay the course, where, exactly, do you wind up?

    by Mimikatz on Tue Feb 22, 2005 at 03:09:32 PM PST

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