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View Diary: [UPDATED] U.S. Citizen "Ghost Detainee" Accused of Bush Assassination Plot, But ... (127 comments)

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    is it getting very coincidental that just about the time the media gets a handle on reality it's time for a TERRA'LERT, or time for a BIG BIG ARREST...or whatever?   It seems to me that not too long ago the New Yorker had an article about the US hanky-panky in Iran, and lo and behold the administration started trotting out reasons we should all fear the Iranians right down to and including today's incredibly silly "no attack on Iran but all the cards are still on the table," message.

    Now, if I remember my last issue of the New Yorker correctly there was an article about how torture and extraordinary renditions don't work...and surprise: A Big Arrest (that won't last twenty minutes in front of a real judge). And then of course there's the doo doo about the French sending one officer to Iraq, college republicans chanting "Social Security has to go," and a budget no one likes.

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