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View Diary: One Mississippi, Two Mississippi, Three ... Get somewhere Safe! (16 comments)

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  •  Sciency stuff (5+ / 0-)
    I always knew  --  all that Sciency-book-learning would be good for something, someday!

    You write some of the best sciency stuff diaries.  I have always said that you have a talent for making complex sciency stuff understandable and interesting to us mere mortals.

    Tipped and recommended!

    The United States is not just losing its capacity to do great things. It's losing its soul.--Bob Herbert

    by gulfgal98 on Fri Mar 11, 2011 at 10:48:24 AM PST

    •  thanks gulfgal (4+ / 0-)

      Science and Technology,

      they are the hallmarks of Humanity's long march.

      and used to be, something well-respected and honored in America

      -- back before the days of Billionaires buying Elections, and Networks, and the News, that is.

      Now Local State Govts are in their sights.
      When will the great Corporate Takeover, the great Media Dumbing-down, ever end.

      I dream of things that never were  -- and ask WHY NOT?
      -- Robert F. Kennedy

      by jamess on Fri Mar 11, 2011 at 11:04:28 AM PST

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