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View Diary: CNN poll: Tea party Republicans want shutdown; everybody else doesn't (80 comments)

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    Actually, when we're hearing the pundits and political analysts and TV News anchors and such talking about how this action or that action (or lack thereof) would 'shutdown" government, the word "shutdown" isn't exactly being used accurately.  If there's no budget vote and so forth, then yes, some of the offices and services and other functions of government would stop until there is a resolution.  But, essential provisions and services would continue.

    In any case, no one will gain anything if even the "shutdown" they're talking about comes about.  Most people would see it as republicans just flexing their political muscles and at the end of the day, it would not only hurt a great many people relying on government for a myriad services but it would hurt the republican party as well.

    There are always options to keep government funded, if nothing else but re-instituting short-term provisions until the two sides can come to agreement.

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