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View Diary: Recent DOE Break-Through with Hydrogen Fuel Cells, should make them Affordable (275 comments)

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  •  the article says (3+ / 0-)
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    Crider, jamess, Recall

    reduction in costs by several orders of magnitude.  that means at least 100th the cost for the fuel cell

    not sure how they get that

    the fuel will not be considerably cheaper than gas in fact it will be much more expensive, fueling infrastructure for hydrogen is prohibitive right now.

    we are using natural gas for transportation fuel.  the infrastructure is there.  

    in my opinion, the fuel cell tech boom was a pr move by the oil industry to put off the conversion of the u.s. infrastructure to alternative fuels for as long as possible.  there are much better alternatives that are more reasonably priced.

    they got away with it because it has a similar energy density (can go as far and fast as gasoline) so it looked like a reasonable alternative to lawyers with no technical background.

    currently, plug-in electric hybrids (with gas engines) are the most reasonable alternative. in my opinion.

    •  Platinum, not fuel cell (3+ / 0-)
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      Sparhawk, jamess, New Minas

      The article mentioning huge reduction in costs is referring only to the cost of platinum, not the fuel cell. Since the cost of the platinum is only one-quarter of the cost of the fuel cell, we're talking at best a 25% reduction in the overall cost of the fuel cell.

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