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  •  The Vice-Principal's "response" (16+ / 0-)

    From an article that the Vice-Principal wrote in the school's parent newsletter:

    The student body is not only diversified by gender, race, and ethnicity, but also by dress style, hair style, likes, dislikes, maturity, and ambition. Some are tolerant of this diversity, others are not…A few make life miserable for those that appear different than “normal” even though these students don’t bother them. The only thing they’ve done is wear their bleached hair in a style covering half their face with black fingernail polish on, along with clothes that don’t match and shoes that should’ve been discarded long ago. Please discuss with your child that while they may find some students different and “odd”, everyone deserves the right to receive an education without being harassed or bullied because of their hairstyle or fashion sense or their mannerisms or their weight or their…you get the picture. While we aren’t going to hold hands in a giant circle and sing “Kumbaya” we do need to respect each other and even celebrate our uniqueness.

    This disgraceful letter reveals the utterly clueless attitude of the school's administration.

    The OCR's assessment of the V-P's letter is right on the money:

    For example, the School could have used the Vice Principal’s letter in the parent newsletter to explain the types of conduct that constitute harassment, and strongly state that such conduct was unacceptable and would result in discipline.  Instead, the letter, although intended to promote tolerance, likely identified the Student to the reader through specific and disparaging descriptors; contained elements that validated some students’ perceptions that the Student and other students like him were “odd” and not “normal,” and made light of the harassment the Student was experiencing.  The statements in the newsletter were not only inappropriate, but may have emboldened students to persist in harassing and ostracizing students, such as the Student, who did not conform to gender stereotypes.
    •  That is a telling letter (2+ / 0-)
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      and shows the vice-principal's own problem. When you strip out the boilerplate bullshit, you find a list of physical attributes he uses as signals for "differences," and a contempt for the "different" that just steams off the page. As I said in another post, you always look to the admins first when something like this happens. I guarantee you the principal and vice were at the root of this enabling and encouragement of bullying.

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