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    fact checking is always nice.
    Whatever your stance on Libya is, this was an educative and illuminating read!

    the french flag thing is really absurd. Makes one distruct the image at all but whatever.

    The largest demonstrations I have been in, was in Bonn in 1983 against the NATO Pershing missile deployment, that was 300000, and in Brokdorf (a nuclear plant site) in 1986, reported to be 250000.

    Both very different experiences. Bonn was a city that was swamped in people, not just in the square, the entire town couldnt hold that multitude. Most just wanted some icecream becaues it was such a hot summer :) (Ice cream was sold out in Bonn). Brokdorf was one gigantic set of densely packed, and pretty grimly expectant and equipped marching columns in open landscape, trying to converge on the plant and break through the fence, which nearly succeeded in a running battle against helicopter assaulting police (who were hopelessly outnumbered but had all the reserves of technical equipment available and needed that badly). We have had bigger demonstrations than those, but I wasnt there. I wasnt there when the wall fell and Berlin celebrated on the Kudamm, that may well have been the most people massive event we ever had.

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