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I recently wrote a diary that I thought would be little noticed, except for maybe a few science literate Kossacks. I was trying to put together what I knew and hoped for some corrections, evidence controverting my point, lessons, etc.

Boy did I step into a contentious issue. I swear I didn't know. There are some passionate opinions around here on the subject. I promise to not write about Monsanto. Instead I will try to write about GM crops in a way that makes sure that I am merely a curious consumer of food.

That being said, here are a few lessons that I learned:

Lesson 1: Don't write about Monsanto.

Lesson 2: When trying to ask questions, make that absolutely clear in your first graph.

Lesson 3: Be better about my titles.

Lesson 4: Always expect your diary to hit the rec list.

Lesson 5: Be prepared to engender controversy with anything you write.

I now have links to a lot of information from a variety of viewpoints. I have a lot of reading to do. I consider it homework. I will roll up my sleeves and get to reading. I like homework.

I can't be around for comments, etc. but I just wanted to put this on the record and hope that maybe some of those who read my last diary will see this.

And now, below the squigglies, something completely different:


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I like food. I used to make my living preparing and serving it. As such, I believe that food is of the utmost importance. I care about food safety, food politics, and the role that food plays in society.

Some of the writers that I pay attention to on the subject are Tony Bourdain (for fun and a chef's perspective), Tom Philpott at Mother Jones, Michael Pollan, and Marion Nestle at Food Politics.

Learning about food and the food supply is a growing interest of mine. I am trying to learn more about our food chain, hunger in the US and the world, and the politics surrounding food.

These are areas that are obviously close to us all. I should be careful what I diary on the subject. I am just one person with little formal education on these subjects. I am trying to learn and I am ready, willing, and able to be corrected and pointed in new directions.

And now I must leave you, so I will leave you with a few pootie pics.






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