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This is my first diary so please have mercy on me. My goal is to offer a little insight into why it is that republicans can and do say outrageous things:

1) They never face any consequences other than democrats debunking and laughing at them;

2) We know that "their statements are not intended to be factual." Their followers don't.

Lying through their teeth and using deceptive tactics is extremely profitable for them. The more outrageous the lie is, the more money they have the ability to rake in. I learned this quite shockingly a few years ago and hope you will take the plunge with me below.


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My mother (whom I love dearly) is a diehard, fox watching republican. She's an 87 year old widow, well travelled, still driving and living on her own. She does not use a computer but relies on Fox teevee, local newspapers, the phone and snail mail for information. She was raised by a strict naval officer and married to a naval officer. Our home was always spotless.

A few years ago she was hospitalized and I was called to be with her (we don't live in the same state.) I hadn't seen her in 2 months and was shocked (shocked I tell you!) when I walked into her condo. There was mail everywhere. 1000's of pieces of mail on tabletops, chairs, couches, beds, piles dotting the floor. Everywhere the eye could see was mail. All of it from republicans requesting money. From every state.

Here's the gimmick. Some, not all of the mail may contain a stamp, $1.00 bill, $2.00 bill, gold quarter or gold dollar (only worth face value). The sender may sound "sympathetic": we want you to have this because we know times are difficult because of OBAMA, but if we are to defeat that scum-sucking, baby-eating Kenyan, won't you please consider sending it back to us with a matching gift?

Being a good, thrifty yankee, my mother is compelled to open each and every piece of mail not wanting to miss anything. She receives on average 50+ pieces of mail per day requesting money. I've tried to make it stop. The post office can't do anything, her lawyers cease & desist letters fell on deaf ears. I reply in the postage paid envelopes that she's dead. My father receives mail and phone calls. He really is dead. Has been for quite some time. They don't care. The phone rings non stop, even her neighbors complain/laugh/tell her she has a mail problem. She wants it to stop. I've burnt out multiple shredders, recycled hundreds of bags of shredded paper.

I hold in my hand a pile of her mail. Here are a few examples:

Americans for one language
U.S. Border Security Council
American Council for Immigration Reform
The Tea Party Campaign (Dr. Jerome Corsi, Chairman)
RNC "Your patriotism and loyalty is exceptional..." Republican Order of Merit
The Heritage Foundation "America is on a path to disaster!"
Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute: Support Sarah Palin, send money, she's abused!
Senator John McCain Citizens Against Government Waste
National Committee Against the U.N. Takeover
Freedom's Defense Fund (Jerome Corsi Ph.D.)
Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research
Frontiers of Freedom (asks "Do you SUPPORT or OPPOSE the ACLU's agenda to ban all
    public expressions of religion in America?"
Radio America: The Voice of The Nation (I've enclosed a two dollar bill with this letter in the hope that it will catch your attention so you will read my letter right now!)
Task Force to Stop Shariah Law in America
American Conservative Union The Honorable John R. Bolton
Help Hospitalized Veterans (HHV) Sent $1.00 (1 out of 5 star charitable rating)
Council of Seniors "Stop Felipe Calderon from raiding our Social Security money for his illegal Mexicans!"
American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) Fighting angry mexicans near you

You get the idea. Some envelopes have images of the grim reaper "are you ready to die for the death tax?  I don't think it's a coincidence that every "veteran charity" associated with republicans has a 0 or 1 star rating out of 5. Their "expenses by far exceed what actually, if anything goes to our Vets. Support the Troops my ass.

This is what republicans are doing by Snail Mail to seniors and to my mother. When Alan West says 80 democrats in congress are communists, then dammit, 80 "or was it 80%" of democrats in congress are communists. Doesn't matter to my mom, hell Fox sez they're all commies. They have scared the crap out of seniors and they are stealing from them and I. CAN'T. MAKE. IT. STOP.....


3:39 PM PT: Thank you all for reading and recommending my 1st diary. I truly expected to see it scroll away. I really appreciate your support as it has been a lonely battle and I only scratched the surface. There's so much more these thieves are doing offline. I have to believe there is a special place in hell for these "people" or I'd lose my mind. I can't say thank you enough!

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Originally posted to parsonsbeach on Sun Apr 15, 2012 at 02:13 PM PDT.

Also republished by Psychology of Conservatives and Liberals.

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