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A small but hardy group of activist celebrated International Workers day in Milam Park yesterday. No marches, chants, or rallies. We sat at the picnic table and made seed bombs, with much good discussion and laughter.

Lacy, a member of Occupy Bexar, explained seed bombing. The seed bombs are made with clay, a bit of compost and a seed. These bombs are then tossed across the parks in San Antonio, especially the parks where homeless folks stay.

Occupy Bexar Seed Bombers


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Occupy Bexar also works with the Immigrant Youth Movement around the right to schooling. "Americans believe in dreaming," Lacy said, "we all came here to dream. Why should we punish people when it wasn't their fault to come here illegally." Amen, Lacy. These young immigrants have grown up in the USA; they have the American spirit of dreaming and much to offer. Pass the Dream Act, already!

Occupier Matthew talked about the Bexar County Jail. Very disturbing. The Jail is now run as a for-profit enterprise by GEO Group with Wells Fargo the biggest stockholder. The county has promised the profiteers a 95% occupancy rate. Matthew has seen the inside of the jail and says that conditions are bad, very bad. "You wouldn't want to keep a dog in there, much less a human being."

A protest with nonviolent civil disobidience is planned for May 19 at Milam Park. The Wells Fargo bank directly across the street will be the focus followed by a march to the jail.

We also had some Union activist on hand. Supporters of Teamsters Local 657. The Local has been on strike against Pioneer Flour Mill for over year. Picketing continues but the plant is full of scabs. Pancho Valdez directed me to this article in the Left Labor Reporter

He told me that Union UPS drivers bring their trucks to the plant and then allow supervisors to drive across the picket line. Ditto for the Unionist of Northern Pacific. Unionist! How did we ever let it come to this? This was the most depressing news of the day.

Met a young union woman from UNITE Here. She and her fellow workers are in a contract struggle at a local hotel. Takes guts to be an active Union member in Texas. Give them a big Solidarity greeting at  UNITE HERE San Antonio.

Many red t-shirts, even the children, good to see activist in San Antonio who remember that red is the color of International Workers Day. We remembered the First May Day, 1886, and the struggle for the eight hour day. And WE NEVER FORGET the Haymarket Martyrs who gave their lives in freedom's cause.

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Originally posted to JayRaye on Wed May 02, 2012 at 07:22 AM PDT.

Also republished by Occupy Wall Street.

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