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This is for all of you election nerds and DKErs who like to do your own redistricting hypotheticals using Dave's Redistricting App.  Those of you familiar with my past redistricting diaries will notice that I like to organize the data for my districts in an excel spreadsheet, so I decided I would upload the template I use.  It makes presenting CD data very quick and easy with just a little bit of copying and pasting.  Follow me over the fold for brief instructions and examples.


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Click for DRA Data Template on gdocs

What's on the template
The purpose of this template is to quickly and effortlessly turn your CD data .csv from DRA into an organized and presentable .xlsx table with excel that you can turn into a jpeg or other picture file to upload and share.  Starting from left to right, the main table displays data that is typically included in redistricting diaries here:

-CD number, color coded using DRA's standard coloring
-Population Deviation from Ideal
-Voting Age Population percentages, colored if a minority group is over or whites are under 50%.  The colors are according to DRA and are gray for majority minority, blue for blacks, green for hispanics, purple for asians, and yellow for native americans.
-Obama/McCain two party vote percentages, colored by winner
-Partisan Average percentage, colored by winner
-2008 PVI
-Partisan Average PVI comparing districts to the statewide average

Thus, with a few clicks you can turn one of these:

Into one of these:

Again, you will notice that districts won by Obama or McCain have their percentage colored blue or red, respectively.  The same goes for Dem/Rep averages and the PVI indexes.  In this map the 1st district was a black VRA seat, so it's black VAP percentage is colored Blue.  Districts that are majority-minority see their white percentage colored gray, even if whites are still a plurality such as the 12th district here.  Also of note, I used the standard district colors, but if you use something else you can of course remove the color fill.

How to use the template

1. Select the state you are working with by scrolling to the far right of the spreadsheet to the list of states.  Copy all of the data and paste it next to the cell that says "state" at the top of the empty middle section.  All 50 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico are included with population data and partisan averages where available directly from Dave's App.  2008 presidential election data comes from Dave Leip's Atlas.

2. After you have saved your DRA file as a CD data .csv (like the one previously shown), copy the data from that .csv and paste it next to the district numbers in that same empty middle section under the state data.

3. Select the number of districts you want, from 1 to 400, in the green field just next to the main table.  This will determine the deviation (rounding if necessary), which I usually try to keep between +/-1000 so you might change the column margin if you have different parameters.

4. Your main table on the left should now be completed.  If you are using this table for a redistricting diary like I do, all that is left is to copy and paste the data you want into a program such as paint (I use GIMP) so you can upload it as an image and share.  All of the columns (A through P) from CD to avgPVI will fit within DailyKos' 600 pixel width limit for diaries.

That's it, I hope you enjoy it.

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