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Yo, 'Publican homes. Straighten me here. You fuckin' stupid?

You heard me. Askin' a straight question. You fuckin' stupid or what? Want me to spell it? You read, right? Know numbers and shit?


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Hope so. You did sign those checks to the IRS the last couple years. The ones with the lower numbers than before, right? But you keep meeping about how your taxes have gone up. So, what? The IRS secretly sneaking into your account and taking extra money while you're sleeping or what? Or you just fuckin' stupid?

'Member when your cousin got married in Hawaii, how great that was? The beaches and roast pig and shit? Remember how you had to show your passport at the airport? No? 'Cause you didn't. 'Cause Hawaii's in America, stupid. Just like it was when the president was born there. You know that, right? Or are you just fuckin' stupid?

I know there's some shit you do know. I see you poring over the gun magazines and hear you talking about relative muzzle velocities and takedown loads. Since you're so smart about guns, you do know that, since George Bush left office, gun laws have gotten less strict, how it's easier now to travel and go on vacation with loaded and concealed pieces, right? Or are you just fuckin' stupid?

I notice you've still got private health insurance. I see your boy's still on your policy, too, even though he's out of school. So I figure you understand the law you call Obamacare didn't end health insurance as we know it, right? Nobody's sent you to any death panels, have they? You dig it's the same system with a little more access, don't you? Or are you just fuckin' stupid?

Love the new truck, man. Like a rock and all that shit. Suppose you understand that you only got that truck because the big, bad federal government saved General Motors, right? Or are you just fuckin' stupid?

Big truck like that must burn a lot, huh? Good thing we're pumping more oil than ever, making more of our own than we have in years, huh? You knew that, right? Or are you just fuckin' stupid?

Glad your oldest is back. That was a bad bit of business. So glad the president brought that useless-ass war to an end, just like he promised. You do know he said he'd do that, right, bring your boy home? And the other guy said it was a bad idea, right? Or are you just fuckin' stupid?

Pick up up your jaw, son, and quit lookin' at me like you're stupid. Yeah, I'm askin' you straight out: Are. You. Fucking. Stupid?

Or is it something else?

Are you pretending to be stupid, playing a big, old stupid game of stupid, hoping that if everyone stays stupid enough, maybe they'll vote against a guy who you don't happen to like? Is that it? Hoping stupid's gonna win the day?

Even worse, are you trying to make other people stupid, so they'll vote the way you want them to?

There's no sin in being stupid, though there is a price. But trying to make other people stupid for your own game, yeah that's a sin. Pretty damn serious one, too.

So, are you fuckin' stupid? Or fuckin' evil?

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