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    Mitt Romney has hired Bush and Cheney's Policy Advisers.  At the RNC Convention, Paul Ryan outlined why Romney and his Bush/Cheney Policy Advisers would suck if they got in the White House.


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     Ryan said, we should save Medicare for future generations - thus a Romney President would suck as Romney wants to privatize Medicare and that would cost future seniors thousands of dollars extra per year they just cannot afford.

Things that Cost Too Much:
     Ryan complained about programs, like Medicare, costing too much.  Since it was his vote, along with Bush, Cheney and their Advisers - who are now Romney's Advisers - who gave us the $750 BILLION Dollar unpaid for doughnut hole in Medicare that cost seniors more money & the taxpayer of which Obama took out, a Romney President would suck as Romney said he would put the unpaid for Doughnut hole back in Medicare.

Auto Manufacturing
     Ryan complained that Obama caused an Auto Manufacturing Plant to close down in his hometown in 2008.  Since Bush/Cheney Advisers created the failed policies that created that plant to close, and Romney hired them to do the same for him, a Romney President would suck for Ryan's hometown.

     In fact, on May 5, 2008, Paul Ryan wrote an Op-Ed in the Janesville Newspaper and blamed Bush/Cheney's failed energy policies on the GM Plant cutting back its production in Janesville.

Ryan wrote:
"Due to high fuel prices and sluggish sales, Janesville’s GM plant will cut its second shift of production of its large SUVs, putting more than 750 employees out of work."  

~Paul Ryan Op-Ed "Lack of Energy Policy" GazetteXtra May 5, 2008

    Remember, Osama Bin Laden is Dead and GM is Alive.

      Ryan condemned the Deficit that he, along with Bush, Cheney and their Advisers created.  Therefore, Romney would suck for America's deficit since he hired the Bush/Cheney Advisers.  

      In fact, in September 2003 (32 months after being sworn in) Dick Cheney told Tim Russert that Ryan's House Votes along with Romney/Bush/Cheney Advisers took a surplus and turned it into a huge Deficit and, Cheney said, "The Bush Tax Cuts are 25% of the Deficit."  So yeah, Ryan is correct there, a Romney/Ryan/Bush/Cheney Administration would totally suck for America.

      Ryan moaned about the Austerity measure in Europe.  Well, then we know Ryan thinks a Romney/Ryan Administration would suck as Romney, Ryan and their Bush/Cheney Advisers want American families to suffer those same types of European Austerity.

America's Downgrade:

      Ryan had a schizophrenic lapse as he complained about America's Downgrade that his obstruction, and his refusal to raise taxes that caused the downgrade. (I should note here, Ryan had help in obstructing America's work from getting done from his GOP TeaTaliban brethren)

Protecting the weak:
      Ryan also said that America should protect the weakest among us.  Again, Ryan agrees that a Romney Ryan Administration would suck as Romney, Ryan and their Bush/Cheney Advisers want to cut Billions from programs that help and give aid to the weakest among us.

Debt Commission:
       Ryan had another schizophrenic moment when he complained that President Obama rejected the Debt Commission -- you remember, the Debt Commission Plan that Paul Ryan, Dave Camp and Jeb Hensarling literally voted "NO" on.  

Housing Crisis:
       Ryan bashed President Obama on the Housing crisis.  You know, the Housing Crisis that Mitt Romney said, “Don't try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom.”  Yep, Ryan would definitely think Romney's Let Them Go Bankrupt plan would suck for America.

Job Creation:
      Ryan moaned about not enough job creation.  Again, one more reason why a Romney/Ryan Administration would suck as Ryan's House Voted "YES" on Romney's Bush/Cheney Advisers policies which created LESS THAN 1 million jobs in the 8 years they worked for Bush and Cheney.  Yup, Romney/Ryan/Bush/Cheney Admin would suck for Americans--again.

President Obama's Budget:
       Ryan whined about President Obama's Budget.  Ryan must really hate his own Budget and Romney's 'incomplete' Budget as Ryan, Romney and their Bush/Cheney Advisers want to LOWER Taxes even more, outspend the president by hundreds of Billions of dollars on Medicare and implement HUGE increases in Defense spending. Ryan should have just come right out and said it, "The Romney/Ryan/Bush/Cheney Budget would suck for America."

       As an aside, I'd like to note here, when Paul Ryan talked about his father dying when Paul was 16 years old, streams of tears ran down Governor Scott Walker's face.  I wonder if Walker's tears would have turned to ice if Ryan had gone on to explain that due to the Social Security he got from his dad's death, Ryan was able to pay for his college tuition -- we will never know as Paul Ryan never mentions that fact.  

     There ya have it, Paul Ryan outlined for us why Mitt Romney would suck as President.


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