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The new monthly reports are in for Nevada, Colorado, and Iowa and they rock.  Also, new weekly reports for North Carolina and Pennsylvania are equally wonderful.

Btw, here is a link to my last diary on the subject, for comparison:  http://www.dailykos.com/...


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As you may be aware, I am a statistics nut.  That's why I was so thrilled to see the new monthly reports issued by Nevada, Iowa, and Colorado.

For the month of of September, here is what we achieved:


Active Voters
Dems +67,098
Reps +33,543

Newly registered Democrats outnumbered newly registered Republicans two to one over the last month.  Among active voters, we still trail 806,876 to 871,275, but that's a good sight better than where we were last month.  At the current pace, it's quite possible that active Democratic voters could outnumber active Republican voters by election day.

Among inactive voters, Democrats lead 321,227 to 271,584.  Thus among total voters, counting inactives, it's Democrats 1,128,103, Republicans 1,142,859.


Active Voters
Dems +8,648
Reps +1,308

Okay, so maybe this isn't a huge amount of newly registered voters for a state that has close to three million people, but I'll take it.  Currently, among active voters, Republicans edge Democrats 622,176 to 611,284, but the trajectory is still good for us and by election day, we should easily outnumber the Republicans among this group.

Among inactives, Democrats lead 71,191 to 47,741 bringing the totals, including all voters, to Democrats 682,475, Republicans 658,755.


Our voter registration efforts rocked in Nevada over the past month.  

Active Voters
Dems +30,377
Reps +14,532

We are regaining our mojo bigtime in the Silver State, outstripping the Republicans by a greater than two to one margin among new voter registrations.  Democrats currently lead Republicans among active voters 493,606 (41.58%) to 422,045 (35.55%).  Among total voters, including inactives, we find that Democrats currently lead Republicans 612,050 to 494,494.  

And now for the weekly reports on NC and PA:


Over the past week, here are the numbers for PA:
Dems +13,939
Reps +6,955

Again, we find a two to one margin in our favor.  The current totals for the state are 4,198,410 (50.11%) for Democrats and 3,105,620 (37.07%) for Republicans.

North Carolina

Over the past week, here are the numbers for NC:
Dems +11,119
Reps +4,874

This is a nice big margin for one week in North Carolina.  And the good news, is that we are right where we want to be.  As of October 4, 2008, Democrats had an advantage of 776,333 in voter registration over Republicans.  As of 9/29/12 - with an entire week remaining to do a direct apples-to-apples comparison with how things were in 2008 - Democrats hold a 776,171 advantage over Republicans in terms of voter registration.  I sure hope Obama continues to fight hard for North Carolina's electoral votes!

By the way, there are no updates for Florida.  Sigh.

Here are links to the different sites:

Pennsylvania:  http://www.dos.state.pa.us/...



North Carolina:


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