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Bloomberg News reports both the CNN Poll, you've already about suggesting a Ryan lead of 48% to 44% that was within the survey's 5% margin of error, and over-sampled Republicans, by CNN's own admission.  Now a CBS poll of un-committed voters as been released.


Biden was declared the winner over Ryan by 50 percent to 31 percent in a poll of 431 uncommitted voters conducted by CBS News/GfK after the debate. Fifty-six percent thought Biden would be an effective president if necessary, compared with 49 percent for Ryan, according to the CBS poll.

Tonight’s showdown in Danville, Kentucky, gained added significance after a majority of voters said President Barack Obama lost to Republican challenger Mitt Romney in their first debate on Oct. 3. Romney has since gained in national and state polls.

More below the squiggle.


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In HuffingtonPost's Vice Presidential Debate Polls Show Mixed Results

A CNN survey of registered voters who watched the debate and had previously agreed to be interviewed found Paul Ryan the winner, 48 percent to 44 percent, but that was well within the survey's five percentage point margin of error. Respondents also said they thought Ryan communicated more clearly than Vice President Joe Biden, by a 50 percent to 41 percent margin, and that Ryan was more likable, 53 percent to 43 percent.

Those margins likely reflect the underlying partisan composition of the debate viewers that CNN interviewed. The cable network reported that slightly more Republicans viewed the debate (33 percent) than Democrats (31 percent), while 34 percent identified as independents. ...

Fifty-five percent of CNN respondents said Biden performed better than they expected, 26 percent said he did worse, and 18 percent said he did the same as they expected. Ryan also impressed, with 51 percent saying he performed better, 19 percent worse, and 28 percent said he performed the same.

I think Vice President Biden got the better of the substance on every issue, Afghanistan, Syria, defense spending, budget, abortion, etc. Ryan put the abortion issue right back of the center of the table, after Romney has spent two weeks trying to fluff it. He pretty much admitted that was nothing substantively different Romney-Ryan had on foreign policy.

He tossed Romney's two trillion dollar defense spending increase out the window, now saying all they are trying to do is not have the $1 trillion sequestration he voted for.  

And, seemed unable to provide any details on the repeated questions on taxation and how he was going to balance the budget. Biden zinged him on the home interest deduction.

Conservatives will be trying all week to roll back or explain Ryan's answers.

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Originally posted to HoundDog on Thu Oct 11, 2012 at 10:44 PM PDT.

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