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The Overpass Light Brigade is a Milwaukee, WI, creative activism group that was forged in the Walker recall. We've grown since then, with over a dozen national chapters and some large scale collaborations in the works. We've been especially busy lately with our Romney and Ryan resistance actions, though often we take out topical messages rather than ones aimed specifically at electoral politics. One of our favorite highway overpasses happens to be right on the northern edge of Ryan country, so we've done a lot of anti-Ryan messages. The man running against him, Rob Zerban, has even come out on the bridges with us. We'll enjoy watching Ryan lose two different political positions.

I figured it might be inspiring to people on Kos to see some of our homespun highway messages. Welcome to The People's Bandwidth!


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On the Beltline in Madison, WI... in collaboration with Shine Guerilla Squad.
This was in West Allis, WI, shortly after Ryan's lies about his marathon run and accusations that Obama was responsible for closing down an auto plant in Janesville.
Lucky voters in District 1 get to reject Paul Ryan as Vice President, and as their Congressman when they vote for Rob Zerban.
One of the biggest lies that Ryan and the Right is telling the American people is that their plans for "vouchercare" is a plan to save medicare. It is curious how a non-serious fringe idea has become a central tenet of the Republican platform.
Mitt Romney has made undisclosed wealth off of the labor of American workers through the offshoring of American jobs. This photo was taken at "Bainport" - the site of Sensata right before it is wholly moved to China.
Watch out when Romney's Bain Capitol buys your business. Your jobs won't be around for long. Get out while you are able.
I watch Mitt Romney being interviewed and am still shocked by how easy it is for him to lie. He is a hollow man, and it strikes me that his ruthlessness is interconnected with his "truthlessness."
Tomorrow evening, we go out with the message: ROMNEY + RYAN = SECRETS & LIES. It will be the last time we need to go out with our signs spelling their names. Reject Romney once, and Ryan twice!

To the streets, Kossacks. To the streets!

UPDATE: Tonight, we attended a Tommy Thompson fundraiser in South Milwaukee and had some fun in front of his tour bus. We were kicked out of the parking lot pretty quickly, but still got some good pictures.

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Originally posted to noise of rain on Sun Nov 04, 2012 at 07:19 PM PST.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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