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ekyprogressive doesn't think Ashley Judd can unseat Mitch McConnell. He views her opposition to mountaintop removal as a liability. For me, to the little extent that I have researched her views, that opposition is her primary asset. The push back she is receiving in coal country isn't from the people who are watching their beloved mountains being turned into one big slag heap. It's from the big shots in the coal industry who think they can control public opinion with their big bucks.


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On the morning of election day, on my facebook wall, I posted a link to the article of a possible Judd Senate run and commented, "After we win today, lets start trying to draft Ashley Judd to run against Mitch McConnell in 2014." My link only got one like and one comment. But a very active Democrat reposted my link along with a picture of Ashley wearing only a UK shirt. His post got 25 likes and 51 comments, mostly positive.
    I got a response from a Republican niece saying, "I heard she's against coal mining." I responded that she's against mountaintop removal, which involves shaving entire tops off mountains and dumping them in the valleys below. I asked my niece if she was for mountaintop removal. She responded, "Of course not."
   Who is for mountaintop removal other than the coal mine owners who are profiting from it? I don't believe any reasonable person, if shown the results of mountaintop removal would be for it. I also believe, win or lose, an Ashley Judd KY Senate candidacy would shine a national spot light on mountaintop removal and help bring it to an end.
   Romney easily won KY and won in my home county of Logan by an even greater margin (66%). Turn out for this election was low state wide. In Logan County it was only 42%. When I voted, the line was dominated by geezers who could barely walk. I didn't see any young people. I think there is potential for a Democrat to win against McConnell if that Democrat can tap into the pool of potential voters who don't vote because they think it doesn't matter. Is that candidate Ashley Judd?
   Just like honeybees decide through competing waggle dances where to go to start a new hive, I'm going to continue with my waggle dance for Ashley Judd unless a competing waggle dance brings forward some one better.

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Should there be a national debate on mountain top removal?

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