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Would you both please join me in a short walk through history?

2001 - The president goes on his 37th vacation, this time beginning in August. His National Security Council Advisor not only ignored Clinton's experts when she began, she did not know enough to realize what the real threat to the US was. With CIA warnings about an expected strike within our borders coming to her and to the President, you might rightly suspect that they had notice. Official, candid, real notice of an upcoming attack on this country.

Then, 9/11 happened. Several planes were stolen, almost mimic'ing a Tom Clancy novel. They aimed at the financial center of the US and A. They aimed at our military center. They aimed at us.

What was your response? Whose heads did you demand? Bush's? Cheney's? Rice's? No, wait. I remember. NONE OF THE ABOVE.


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It got worse.

Condi began sputtering meaningless crap about mushroom clouds, a term you know they taste-tested before a focus group before they aired it.

Let's move to the invasion of Afghanistan. On one hand, we had clear headed advise from the likes of Senator Kerry, calling for investigations, well directed, and intel based police actions. ON the other, we had blood lust in the eyes of the GOP elected officials.  Geez, I wonder how that turned out.

Ron Dumsfeld managed to screw up a workable plan, one that would have cornered the Al Qaida operatives, including Bin Laden, and instead turned it into a future mire of quag. A fustercluck so fantastic that books will be written about the fiasco. He understaffed, undermanned, and undermined the whole project, and even so, on the verge of some semblance of victory, he stabbed the whole operation in the heart, just so he could fulfill his real plan - a little iraqi invasion.

What was your response? Whose heads did you demand? Bush's? Cheney's? Rice's? Rummies? No, wait. I remember. NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Let's turn to a few details. Say, WMD. You know, the ones that Rummie and Condi EFFING GUARANTEED WERE THERE! The ones that Saddam Hussein was to use against the mainland of USandA, even though he had no navy, no air force, no missiles, no long range weapons at all, and no way to deliver them.

To say that Condi and Rummie were mistaken (if not out and out liars) is like saying the Romney is a pompous prig.

We lost thousands of more lives because of that fiasco. Because of the lies from Condi and Cheney and Rummie.

What was your response? Whose heads did you demand? Bush's? Cheney's? Rice's? Rummies? No, wait. I remember. NONE OF THE ABOVE.

How did you deal with an ineffective, arrogant, barely functioning NSC head? Did you call for her resignation? Did you call for a special commission? (Not the whitewash version that you heartily approved, but a real one) Did either of you demand her head?

What was your response? Whose heads did you demand? Bush's? Cheney's? Rice's? Rummies? No, wait. I remember. NONE OF THE ABOVE.

No, you pathetic POS. You both strongly supported her promotion to SexState.

To give you an idea just how badly she served the nation there, how often she pissed off friends and fiends alike, how badly she ran that critically important department, recall how Hillary Clinton was greeted after she was assigned. With rousing cheers. Nations fell over themselves (saying about time, and thanks) to greet her as well. Condi was so bad, so out of touch, so ineffective, that we are lucky that no major war broke out. Perhaps people were so afraid of her incompetence, that they simply tried to wait her reign out.

What was your response? Whose heads did you demand? Bush's? Cheney's? Rice's? Rummies? No, wait. I remember. NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Now, look at yourselves, you pathetic, parasitic, partisan pissants.  Ambassador Rice simply repeated what the CIA was telling her. Had she not, you would have screamed for her head. But she did her duty, even though she had not one bit of involvement in Benghazi and the unfortunate deaths of four Americans. (How many died during 9/11? more than 4?)

And you bastards demand her head.

May I suggest that your priorities are as fucked up as your party? Politely, of course.

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