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I just feel like putting these out there.  There's no particular rhyme or reason to them, just some things I've experienced that I'd really like to express.

I understand that folks mean well.  I understand that there are a lot of concerns about children and single parents.

But perhaps, just perhaps you can understand why I think these things are a tad annoying.

(The list on the Flip)


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When I tell you that their mom is gone, it is NOT an invitation to ask about her motivations for doing so in front of my kids.  It's complicated, like all break-ups are.  I'm not going to place blame and I certainly don't need the 4-5 hours of rehashing old scenarios with my kids whenever she's brought up.  

Stop looking at me like I'm a child molester whenever I hug my daughter in public.  I'm her father and people who think there is another motivation are sick.  

I am NOT "Giving Mom a Day Off" or any of the other pithy little remarks that people feel obligated to make when I'm walking around with the kids.  It's just me, thanks, and the reason my kids are smiling is because I'm there every day.

I have to go to class.  When my kids misbehave at school, kindly read the fucking I.E.P. before you call me and insist I pick him or her up.

(Mostly to the younger set) Shouting "Loser" out the window at a parent holding his children's hands is pathetic.  I whip my head around not because I fear your insult but because I have small children and you have a large car which I do not know the trajectory of at that time.  Ha ha, very funny.

My children deserve the occasional treat.  Do not give me the evil eye when I purchase a small tub of Ice Cream on food stamps.

When my child throws a temper tantrum and I take their hand and escort them out of the store, I am not going to go beat the kid.  I am trying to show my kid that actions have consequences and spare everyone else the hassle of a screaming child.  Calling CPS is not necessary, thank you.

I can cook, thank you very much.  There's no need to make the "Pizza and frozen dinner every night" joke.  

No, I can't work flexible hours.  I'm well aware I'm a man.  I'm well aware there are babysitters.

No, I am afraid that my kids come first.  I'm sorry, but any relationship that interferes with that is completely off the table.  It's not that I don't think you're great and interesting, but priority one is non-negotiable.

And that's about it.  Honestly, it's not that many, and it's mostly personal gripes.  

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