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The harsh tale of unemployment, as suffered by an an entitled man let go by an "entitled" electorate.

Losing a job is hard. Very hard. Especially if you do not see yourself as having any future career options. Mitt Romney has been running for office for years, for Pete's sake.

You wake up, every day, thinking about would could have been, what opportunities are there for you. Poor Mitt, sits there daily, reading news of the "fiscal cliff", crying into his self made peanut butter and honey sandwich.

The lack of company gets to you when you have been laid off. The missing banter in the office. The decision making in board rooms. The company perks. There is no secret service there for him. All posts, unceremoniously  "stood down".

Often at work, in a coping mechanism, remaining workers at your old office find fault with your work, to mentally justify why you had to go and they had to stay.

After Romney told his wealthy donors that he blamed his loss on “gifts” Obama gave to minority groups, his functionaries were unrepentant and Republican luminaries effectively cast him out. Few of the policy ideas he promoted are even being discussed in Washington.

“Nothing so unbecame his campaign as his manner of leaving it,” said Robert Shrum, a senior strategist on Democratic presidential campaigns. “I don’t think he’ll ever be a significant figure in public life again.”

You can find it difficult to cope even with the car you used to use regularly to commute to work. It becomes an embodiment of what was. With the fleet of SUV's and security now gone, poor Mitt has now been seen driving around in an Audi Q7. A Slovakian made one. Detroit after all didn't vote for him, even though he owned a couple of cadillacs. It was almost as if the voters of Detroit penned an article in response to Mitt. They did, it only took a cross for them to say,  "Let Romney Ryan go bankrupt".

Losing a job can be hard work for any relationship. At home, husbands often do not tell their partners the truth about how bad things are at work. There's a little re-shuffle going on at work but there may be promotions. When the pink slip comes, it hits the trust element of the relationship with a sledge hammer. According to the WP, Ann Romney believed that "ascending to the White House" was their destiny, she really believed that they were going to the White House, since the defeat "she has been crying privately and trying to get back to her horses".

Work around the house stops. The place can become a mess. In the case of Mitt, the work converting the beach house into an 11,000 square foot mansion, with car elevators has not even been started.

Then there is that bitter resentment over your former bosses, which can be nasty if you let it get to you:

In private, Romney has told friends he has little interest in helping the Republican Party rebuild and re-brand itself.

Advisers also said he felt no need to explain himself after his comments to donors about Obama using the power of incumbency to give “gifts” to female, black and Latino voters leaked into the public sphere. One adviser said Romney regretted the remarks “coming out the way it did.” Fehrnstrom, meanwhile, said, “He was expressing the frustration that any challenger would feel about an incumbent who used the powers of his incumbency — as we would have if the shoe was on the other foot.”

Then comes the recognition that maybe, just maybe it was your own fault you lost your job. Romney phoned his billionaire backers and said "I’m sorry I let you guys down".

Mitt, those of us who have been unemployed can perhaps find a little empathy. I'm sure those Bain workersthat youliked to fire feel some empathy. I'm sure the community here at Kos feels some empathy.

I'm sure World Leaders feel bad for you, err perhaps maybe so called "close-friends". Maybe not then.


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I don't feel sorry for him. I'm glad he lost because he would have sent the World ecomy into a massive decline, fuelled by his desire to emulate "austerity", which is really what is destroying Europe.

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Originally posted to The BigotBasher on Sun Dec 02, 2012 at 04:03 AM PST.

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