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Look for this in a state near you:

Got a bachelor's degree? Get good grades in college? Congratulations, you're now eligible to teach in an Indiana middle or high school — no special teacher training, student teaching or experience necessary.

Yes, that's right.  Any incompetent buffoon who got a 3.0 in college and can pass a test can now be a teacher in Indiana.

It's even worse for Fine Arts--all they have to do is pass a test.  Which means any crackhead who can play a few chords on guitar can pass a test and become YOUR child's music teacher.

Some lowlights below.


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Here's the basic summary:

The State Board of Education voted 9-2 Wednesday to change Indiana's teacher licensing rules by creating a new "adjunct teacher permit," allowing any bachelor's degree holder with a 3.0 grade point average — and who can pass a subject test — to immediately teach that subject in an Indiana classroom.

The adjunct permit creates a different route to the classroom than the traditional "practitioner" license, which requires training in child development, child psychology and how to run a classroom — along with student teaching and additional in-school internship requirements.

Of course, this doesn't cover Fine Arts, where all you have to do is pass the test.  However, as a member of the committee who evaluated the content of the upcoming tests in music, you do need to have some pretty in depth knowledge.  I'm just hoping the cutoff score isn't low.

And did the State Board of Education--all appointed by Mitch Daniels--listen to public comment?

Guess not.

Only one person, a [Outgoing Superintendent Tony] Bennett ally, spoke in favor of the plan Wednesday morning during more than two hours of public testimony in Indianapolis. More than 20 university professors, Hoosier teachers and parents told the state board that students will suffer under the new rules.

"Sending unprepared individuals into classrooms to learn to teach — on the backs of often our most needy students — is inappropriate," said Patricia Rogan, a dean of the School of Education at Indiana University.

Other speakers questioned why the rules were being rushed through in the final days of Bennett's term instead of allowing Democratic Superintendent-elect Glenda Ritz to participate in the process.

Michael Pettibone, a board member from Monroe, Ind., attempted to delay the new rules until a broader consensus was reached. His motion to table the rules did not get the required second from another board member.

Notice the highlighted portion.  Tony Bennett was so despised as Superintendent of Education that his loss was of epic proportions.  The winner, Democrat and teacher Glenda Ritz, garnered more total votes then even Mike Pence, who won the governor's race.  Which means that Ritz got a LOT of crossover votes--mainly from teachers.

And of course, the typical pablum from these people:

Prior to the successful final vote, Gary board member Tony Walker reminded the panel that local school corporations ultimately make all hiring decisions and can refuse to hire teachers who hold adjunct permits.
First of all, this person from the Gary board is making the statement because he's giving cover by having people point at him and say "See?  He's from Gary, which is Democrat (read Black)" even though he was a Daniels appointee.  

Second, do you think schools WON'T hire these people?  It's their opportunity to break the unions and pay these people Wal-Mart wages.  It will be for people with degrees who fail in life and so they go this route instead of working a McJob so they can be called "professional".  Schools everywhere would LOVE to get rid of their experienced teachers and hire these Wal-Mart teachers.

It's all part of the long game:  They let incompetent buffoons into the classrooms who can't make a lesson plan to save their lives.  But wait!  Look what the school will provide you with!  Pre-written lesson plans to a curriculum!  Just plug and play!  Naturally developed by only the best private corporations with the best interests of the student in mind.  Teaching only approved coursework in an approved manner without fear of stray independent thought poisoning those precious young minds.  All the while the corporations who will eventually take over the schools keep pocketing the taxpayer dollar.

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Originally posted to zenbassoon on Wed Dec 05, 2012 at 08:12 PM PST.

Also republished by Teachers Lounge.

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