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  • Today's comic is Judge Scalia, in "A Legal Carol" by by Ruben Bolling:
    Comic - Judge Scalia, in
  • Well, this is something to look forward to. Not:
    And now that the political world is beginning to think about 2016, it’s become apparent that Hillary will be a front-runner like we’ve rarely seen if she joins the race.

    So Republicans have a problem. As long as the threat of another Clinton campaign looms, they can’t continue with their hands-off approach. They must find a way to make her a villain all over again, to revert to their 1992-2008 treatment of her – and fast.

  • Go look at this picture. Seriously, go look now.
  • Queen Elizabeth goes all 21st century:
    She made her acting debut at the London Olympics. Now Queen Elizabeth II is hitting the screen again — in 3D.

    Buckingham Palace says the monarch was “ready to embrace something new” for her annual Christmas broadcast in honor of her Diamond Jubilee year — 60 years on the throne.

  • Not from The Onion:
    Can humility be taught?

    Famed New York Times columnist David Brooks seems to think it can -- or at the very least philosophically explained. Yale's Bullblog reports Brooks is set to teach a new course at Yale University next semester entitled, you guessed it, "Humility."

  • I dare you not to click on this:
    Getting to second base, the holy grail for hormonal boys, is now science[.]
  • She's not wrong. But she's still Sarah.
  • Ugh:
    William Bryan Jennings, the banker whose assault and hate-crime charges over a dispute with a New York cab driver were dropped, was fired by Morgan Stanley and is now reportedly trying to get millions in deferred compensation denied him by his former employer.
  • Oh Saturn, you are such a showboat!—DarkSyde
  • Your LOL of the day.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show, Greg Dworkin analyzed the latest polling on gun issues. Then, would anyone give up their guns even if the Constitution were somehow magically amended in a way that made such a thing possible? And if not, is what we're engaged in really a "debate" at all? Finally, more discussion of "constitutional hardball" in multiple familiar contexts that just might end up making your head explode, or leave you wishing it would.

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