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Appearing on Friday's episode of Rock Center with Brian Williams, Chelsea Clinton interviewed Rick Warren, pastor and raging bigot, to discuss marriage equality. In the interview, Warren drips with condescension while laboring to explain how he just loves everyone including the dirty gays, but disapproves of those dirty gays expecting equal rights.


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The entire video is worth your time. Chelsea Clinton calmly and efficiently presses the good pastor on why his belief system should have any bearing on the state extending marriage equality to the dirty gays. For his part, Warren responds to her like he's talking to a not quite bright four year old child.

When Clinton asks him to explain how he can have compassion for all God's children yet still deny some of them rights others enjoy he responds with the expected nonsense reply of his odious Christian love.

I don't hate anybody. In fact, I'm commanded by Jesus Christ to love everybody. I'm commanded to treat them with respect. As I've mentioned many times, there's a difference between acceptance and approval.
Thanks Rick. That gave me a warm fuzzy.

Perhaps the best moment was when Clinton responded to Warren's assertion that all journalists have a hidden agenda over this issue and takes umbrage over being asked about this time after time.

It's not a hidden agenda. But in a year in which we had equal marriage in different ways on the ballot, and now after those votes, there's equal marriage rights in nine out of our 50 states, and a majority of Americans now said in 2012 that we as a country support equal marriage largely, I think that's why people keep asking you.
This visibly irritates the bigot. She got the better of him, he knew it and didn't like it one little bit.
Well, what do they expect a Christian pastor to answer? I don't believe the bible anymore? We're in a democracy, Chelsea. So nobody wins all the time. And gay marriage might become the rule someday. That doesn't mean I think it's right. I do not favor the redefinition of marriage.
That's right, Ricky. We are in a democracy and that is the very thing you and your ilk are fighting against when you actively pursue muddying the waters between church and state. I have zero doubt that if people like you ever got your hands on the reigns of our democracy that you would all make quick work of turning into a theocracy.

I was very proud of Chelsea Clinton. Holding firm and not simply accepting spin as a legitimate answer is what makes for good journalism. I am convinced she has a very bright career ahead of her.

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Originally posted to Steven Payne on Sun Dec 23, 2012 at 10:11 AM PST.

Also republished by Street Prophets .

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