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Michigan state capitol at night
Michigan state House Republicans are bragging about all the great stuff they've accomplished over the past two years, and it makes for ... instructive reading. "The Michigan House Republicans kept their promises to the people of Michigan," they begin, "delivering results when the state was in crisis and staying true to the guiding principles they laid out shortly after being elected into the majority."

Those guiding principles include "lead responsibly in all our endeavors, making state government answerable to the public and respectful of its wishes." Yet the long list of things Michigan House Republicans are bragging about includes the anti-union law rammed through during the lame duck session over massive protest, and very much against the wishes of the public.

Other things Michigan Republicans are proud of include "provid[ing] better job security for Michigan's best teachers through nation-leading teacher tenure reform." That would be their doublespeak for ending the provision that firing or demoting a teacher require "reasonable and just cause," downgrading teacher job security to allow them to be fired for anything short of "arbitrary and capricious" reasons. In addition to making it easier for administrators to fire teachers for almost-arbitrary reasons, Michigan Republicans are proud to have "expand[ed] school choice and cyber school opportunities." Cyber schools are a big failure, with one study finding that just 30 percent of them meet minimum progress standards under No Child Left Behind, compared with 54.9 percent of regular schools.

Of course, probably half the things Michigan Republicans are bragging about involve tax cuts, which they paint as helping all sorts of people around the state. Yeah, right:

While enacting $1.7 billion in tax cuts for corporations last year, Snyder also “shaved billions of dollars off future health care and retirement commitments,” ended the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit, enacted a regressive increase in personal taxes, and cut aid for 11,000 families and nearly 30,000 children.
Throw in a few other things on the order of repealing the state's motorcycle helmet law, and you've got the Republican record in Michigan. Of which they are very proud.

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Originally posted to Daily Kos Labor on Wed Dec 26, 2012 at 10:57 AM PST.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions and Daily Kos.

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