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1:30 PM PT:

From COwoman:

Ok, I went to see Candy and I c an attest that she is where and who she says she is. She needs 635.00 by Friday or she is out no matter what. If she had two months rent payment for the trailer lot it would help her pay for her medications and utility bill with her disability.

Her landlord needs a money order. If you think it would be ok, I could have my paypal account take donations and I can give it to her directly. It might be the fastest way to get her the money. I have met Frankenoid and I am a long time user here, but I understand trust issues. I was taken in here and I understand people being afraid. But if she loses her trailer she will be homeless.

I got a phone number for her and if you want it I can have you call her or me or both.


P. S. Candy was at the point of tears knowing that there are people that want to help.

Richard Myers, a fellow worker who did more than Talk the Talk, passed away last December. His passing was the subject of a couple of diaries, including this one I wrote Richard Myers, RIP and this one Condolences For Daily Kos Diarist Richard Myers His Family and His Loved Ones by Leslie Salzillo

He is missed by our community, and many have stepped up to help continue his work. However, the void left in the lives of his family has become a financial chasm, and left them teetering on the edge of eviction.

Many people had left comments in my diary suggesting they could help his widow and son with financial contributions. Please continue below to understand the situation and how to help. It is our turn to Walk the Walk.


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10:06 AM PT: KelleyRN2 has republished this under Community Fundraisers at Daily Kos, for those looking for that stamp of approval.

Late Sunday evening I was contacted by Tina Braxton of Colorado Indymedia. She is the writer of the obituary of Richard Myers that I included in my Richard Myers, RIP diary.

Apperently, his family is in dire financial straits at this time, and could use the help of those that had volunteered such help in the comments of that diary.

Tina Braxton:

I'm a close, personal friend of Richard Myers. I've been trying to comment on your DK article about him, but I can't seem to get through DK's security check. My comment would be about getting some help to Richard's family--something they really need.

I am the person who wrote about Richard on Colorado Indymedia, where I am editor. Please accept this friend request. Thanks.

I replied a couple of hours later:
Tina, please send me whatever you want posted on DKos, I will do that for you and give you credit as the writer. Also, I had heard that there may be a IWW memorial service or something come February. Do you know anything or have any idea who might?
On Monday evening, i got this from Tina:
Thank you, Mark. And thank you for writing such a nice tribute to Richard. The comment I wanted to post has gotten longer and, unfortunately, even less pleasant to read.

A number of people who commented on your piece expressed a desire to help Richard's family through this difficult period. I am very close to this family (I lived with them for a while) and know the details of their situation.

Their immediate financial needs are critical. Richard's wife, Candy is disabled. Both she and their son, Randy, are unemployed. It is going to take time to change Richard's pension (his only income) to Candy's name and to get his life insurance. This is not unusual during the first month or so, after the passing of a breadwinner. I am a widow myself, and I can attest that the wheels of such things turn too slowly.

Meanwhile, Richard's activism and his penchant for taking people (me and many others, over the years) into his home did not endear him to the landlord. The lot rent for their mobile home is now past due, and Candy has, today, been served with notice. She needs to clear the amount due by Friday.

So I'm trying to raise money for them, and some people on DK have already expressed an interest in helping. Candy is not into technology--nor has she used the banking system for the past few years, which means that paypal would not work for her (I've researched this). The best way to aid Richard's family, for those who can and want to, would be to just mail a check or money order to her.

There is no time or money to get a PO box, so contributions would need to be mailed to their home address:

Candy and Randy Myers
cut for privacy
Thornton, CO

I will leave it to you to condense the story in any way you see fit or post it in full, though the address probably should not be made public. People can email me directly at tinabraxton at yahoo dot com or, if you know them and are comfortable with them, please just give them the address.

Candy has approved this message, and she thanks you most sincerely. So do I.

I'm very sorry to stick you with all this..

And also:
Also (almost forgot--sorry), there is a memorial concert in the works. Tentative date is Feb. 10. Here in Denver. Headliner will probably be David Rovics, a personal friend of both Richard's and mine. I will make it a point to keep you posted on this.
Please help in any way you can. Email Tina for the address to send contributions to for Richard's family. Also, does anyone have any suggestions on how we could get something set up online to make this easier? Please let me know how to do that, and I will do all I can to make it happen. My email is mentatmark at gmail dot com. Please email or Kosmail any ideas, or perhaps better yet would be to include those ideas in the comments.

To help settle some concerns over the legitimacy of the request, I am adding this kosmail I got for JayRaye:

Saw your diary & so made a call to Lowell May, Richard's friend, IWW fellow worker, & the guy that wrote a book with Richard.

Told him that we want to help Richard's family. I think some sort of paypal account would be quickest way. Lowell suggested Betty Ball of the Rocky Mt Peace & Justice Center as the best person to set up an account for Richard's wife. Betty is the person setting up the Feb 10 concert for Richard.(that date is firm now). Betty is also IWW, Lowell vouches for her as completely trustworthy, and says that they have the institutional structure to do fund raising.

I have a call in to Betty, her # is 303-yada-yadayada. No call back yet. Unfortunately, I'm headed out the door right now and can't do much more to help until much later on today.

My phone # is 361-yada-yadayada. I'll have my cell phone with me. If there is any way that I can help by phone, don't hesitate to call me.

Perhaps Kossacks will have more trust if they know that I first contacted Lowell, not the other way around, and I contacted him at a public # (Bread and Roses Collective, 720-yada-yadayada)


Janet Raye

I have also reached out to Both Steve Early and Ron Kephart for verification of Tina's bona fides. Steve and Ron are both Labor writers that I know, and Steve is someone I have met f2f.

9:59 AM PT: COwoman is going to go to the family's house to verify the particulars of this. When I hear back from her, I will update everyone again.

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Originally posted to In Support of Labor and Unions on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 12:22 AM PST.

Also republished by Sluts, Kossacks helping each other, Community Fundraisers, and DK Lending.

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