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Thankfully only a near-tragedy this time, but could have ended much differently. At a middle school basketball game in Utica, New York the game ended early when a 14 year old teen was spotted with a gun by police after he dropped the gun on the floor. A chase followed, and early reports indicate the teen foolishly pointed the weapon at two police officers, but eventually was convinced to hand over what turned out to be a BB gun.


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CNY Central reports:

Basketball game ends early after 14 year old drops BB gun on the floor

UTICA -- Utica police say a 14 year old  brought a BB gun to a basketball game Tuesday night at Donovan Middle School, forcing the game to end early, according to WKTV.

The 14 year old's name isn't being released because of his age. Police say he accidentally dropped the gun during Tuesday night's basketball game.

According to the article on WKTV's website, an off-duty police officer saw the teen drop the gun and then leave the building. That officer ran after the teen with an on-duty officer. WKTV says the boy pointed the gun at the two officers before he was convinced to drop the gun...

Another day, another gun story. Middle school.

Thankfully, not another shooting or death.

This time...


Since posting the original diary the following story out of Fresno, CA came to my attention.

Perhaps this update will be of interest to anyone who wonders about the potential dangers associated with so-called "toys" such as BB or pellet guns.

Find the ABC News story here, with video:

California boy, 10, dies after being shot with a pellet gun

Sunday, January 06, 2013

FRESNO, CA --  A 10-year-old Fresno County, California boy is dead after authorities say he was shot with a pellet gun while riding his bike in the Tollhouse area.

The shooting happened near Hidden Hollow Lane and Quail Mountain Lane. Authorities say the boy's death was the result of a tragic accident after the boy was killed by a playmate who fired a pellet gun.

Family members attempted to save the boy before emergency medical crews arrived at the scene. The boy was airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, but did not survive the wound inflicted by a weapon that many consider to be a toy...

(Note: Attempts to embed the video here did not succeed --- If anyone thinks they might have better luck with that, please feel free to bring it into the comments. Thanks.)

And thank you all for your thoughtful participation.

Best regards ~ WakeUpNeo

Thu Jan 10, 2013 at  1:38 AM PT: A few late comments include links to additional news articles, videos and other resources related to the subject of this diary --- Look especially for several items containing blockquotes and follow the embedded links to see more.

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Originally posted to WakeUpNeo on Tue Jan 08, 2013 at 07:30 PM PST.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA).

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