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I just read a post on a friends Facebook page, and it took all I had not to go completely insane.  You see, this woman is a friend of my wife's, and they've been very good friends for a long, long time.  A lot longer than I've been in the picture, and I think that counts for quite a bit.  Also, I really like this woman, and I've spent time with her family, and I know she's usually a proud and loud liberal.  She was at my wedding and held my son while I spoke my vows.  But it took everything I had not to tell her to fuck right the hell off.


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She posted a video, which I would never post or link to or even bother trying to find.  I suppose if you're that interested, you can find it, or something like it.  She also posted, "I would never tell you what to think, but hmmm..." or something along those lines.  This YouTube video purports to tell the truth about the Sandy Hook shooting.  

It's all a conspiracy, you see.  

I've been following this story pretty closely, as I know most of you have.  I've been watching the pie-fights on here about gun control or lack of it, and for the most part I just stay out of it.  (For the record, I think having a gun to protect yourself or feed you family is fine, second amendment or not.)  I try to keep in the background here, not really lurking but throwing in my two cents with a rec or an HR here and there.  No real reason, it's just who I am.  

But this is too much.

I have two little boys.  One of them, Isaac, is almost the same age as the children murdered at Sandy Hook.  I spent most of that day in tears, thinking about what I would do without my beautiful boy, about how I could possibly continue if a madman took away my son.  I called his mom, who he lives with, and had to talk to him, had to hear his voice.  He didn't understand why daddy was calling, he just wanted to tell me about his day in preschool and the continuing adventures of his Transformers.  It was all I could do not to cry while I was talking to him.  I'm really not usually a very outwardly emotional man, but this just messed me up.  It still does.  Reading the recommended story about the man being harassed to helping those kids brought back the tears.  I think this story will always affect me this way, the same way stories about September 11th will.

But this, this filth, this conspiracy bullshit, is too damn much.

I wouldn't accuse anyone of this.  No one. I can't even imagine what kind of mind it takes to believe this.  To believe that this administration, that this President, is willing to kill children - to kill my Isaac - in order to "take away all the gunz!"  It's sick, and I just can't comprehend it.

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