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If you're not a follower of the "top conservatives on Twitter" (#tcot), you really missed out today. Here's how it started, before the ceremony even began:

SAD SAD day in America. #TGDN #tcot
@EllenRSullivan via Twitter for iPhone

Our favorite would-be president weighs in:

The Constitution is a mere annoyance for Obama! http://t.co/... #tcot
@THEHermanCain via TweetDeck

Here's a burning question:

Will MSM give any coverage of protesters in DC? Doh? What am I thinking, MSM is so enamored w/O that showing real discent is bad press #tcot
@_mcdowellb via Twitter for Android

The reviews of the speech itself—Nazi? Marxist? Fascist?

500,000 people on Capitol Hill screaming FOR the dismantling of our economy and rights.Looks similar to a Hitler rally #TGDN #NRA #tcot
@shovelridr via web
Make no mistake... I don't give a f**k what color a MARXIST is ...  invoking founders words in his empty screed... #teaparty #tcot #ocra
@Obamapocalypse via TweetDeck
This speech is fascistic. Emphasizing his desire for government involvement shrouded in campaign slogans and catchphrases. #tcot #inaug2013
@yatishparmar023 via web

But the real capper, for it's sheer hypocrisy and idiocy:

That was just a political speech. Shameful. Missed an opportunity to bring nation together, @BarackObama. #inaug2013 #TGDN #tcot
@saramarietweets via HootSuite

More "highlights" from crazy-land below the fold.


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There was one passage in the speech that really got them going:

He's talking about addressing "the threat of climate change" #wearesoscrewed #tlot #tcot
@NatalieDuvalNY via Twitter for iPhone
Muthereffer...now he's talking about global warming? SMH...could I hate this guy any more? #Obama #inaug2013 #TGDN #tcot
@KimberlySez via Tweetbot for iOS

The really bizarre conspiracy theories:

Obama's 2nd inauguration is also 2nd time it's 'fallen' on the MLK Day The 1st was Clinton's 2nd inauguration - Coincidence? #lmao #tcot
@LifeOnTheRight via web
We think... RT @Gunnerguy1911: Look at the bright side - This is the beginning of the end of Obama's second term. #tcot
@zellster via TweetDeck
I have a sick feeling that this inauguration is just a hoax. #soundstage #spielberg #lucas #CGI #tcot
@timheidecker via Twitter for Mac
“@RoushBr: Muslim American inaugural event places minaret over White House http://t.co/... #tgdn #tcot #teaparty”

@DixieSportsman via Twitter for iPhone

And just the unfortunately typical.

C'mon God, just one lightening strike? PLEASE. #gop #tcot #teaparty #lnyhbt
@grannyfriedpies via web
Barack Hussein Obama was elected because of the color of his skin, and despite the content of his character. #tcot #p2
@ResistTyranny via TweetDeck
God, please wake me up from this terrible nightmare.I am seeing a Muslim communist destroy America. #RedNationRising #revolution2013 #tcot
@CzarZellem via Twitter for iPad

And, of course:

@gattoj via TweetDeck

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Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Mon Jan 21, 2013 at 10:08 AM PST.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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