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I look in on redstate.com every few days, especially on politically auspicious days like today, and so after the inauguration, I clicked over there and see what was going on.

Erick Erickson writes, "Congratulations Mr. President on your second inaugural."

Wha? Really?

He continues, "Saying that makes some of you really enraged. I said the same on twitter shortly after his official swearing in. Several of the replies were embarrassing and atrocious. Some accused the man elected by a majority of Americans of treason. Some accused him of willfully destroying the nation."

I was beginning to think that Erickson's account had been hacked, but no, the reality is much starker as I write below the fold.


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Erickson went on to explain why he thought President Obama thought he was doing right by the country, but that he, Erickson, couldn't disagree more with the president's initiatives. However, that being said, he does not hate the president, nor does he think that he is treasonous, blah, blah, blah.

Wow, I thought. The man is sounding almost gulp reasonable!

But alas, it's too late to walk back the crazy. He may as well be speaking to a brick wall or shouting into the vacuum that is conservative blogosphere these days. Some comments on his entry:

* "Wow, Erick have you really gone over to the Dark Side? Liberty CANNOT coexist with radical Marxism. Straddling the fence is only going to embed splinters in your family jewels. Get a grip. No man can serve two masters. Either you are with Constitution and liberty loving Patriots or you are not. Take note: James 1:8 (KJV) says, 'A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.' Don't be that man, please."

* "Erick...I am one of those people that you are talking about. I believed the "pie in the sky" business. I believe in God. I believe in the Constitution. That all being said...and you will think me as a whiner...do you know how many similarities BHO and Adoph Hitler have? Really...I mean that. The world sat idly by and let it happen. They appeased him...we appease Obama...the people...the Congress and YES THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES."

* "Erick, I have mixed feelings about your analysis. I was watching Evita last night (trying to avoid politics for a while). I had never seen it before, Fascinating if depressing. What Peron did is an old, old story, and it works well for a while. Combine the artists, the intellectuals, and the lumpenproletariat and turn them against "the rich" and the bourgeois with a messianic savior and a mass movement that will riot if it doesn't get its way. Lenin did it, Chavez did it, and Obama is doing it."

We've all seen the comparisons to Hitler, Lenin, Marx, and Chavez before, but to see them all thrown in so closely together, willy nilly without rhyme or reason, right next to biblical quotes and allusions to musical theater as if it were authority...well, it shows us just how far over the shark they've jumped.

Now a few commenters did say that they appreciated Erickson's sentiments, but they were waaaaaay in the minority.

And thanks to them, the Republicans may be in the minority for the foreseeable future.

Tue Jan 22, 2013 at  5:16 AM PT: Erickson is doubling down on his moderate post. It was the first entry this morning in his daily email out to subscribers. Hmm, something seems to be afoot.

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