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You're driving along with your friend, maybe going out to lunch or simply going to the store. Driving is so enjoyable with a friend along, the silly conversation that is contained in the mobile bubble you both occupy. Or...should I say, it used to be.

You're having lunch with your group of friends, waiting for a late straggler, or just perusing the menu before you all order. The conversation slows to nearly nothing as the menus are put down and the iPhone, Android, iPad, KindleFire, or any other mobile texting/posting device comes out.

Sound familiar?

Jump down past the orange puffy thingamajig and read on.


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We as a society have become far too dependent on our devices. Our phones are almost indispensible, as they house not only our phone numbers, but all other pertinent information that we just cannot live without.

It's not that I mind the intrusion of these neato thingies, I enjoy a few of them myself..but when another person is in my presence, I turn my attention to that person and the device becomes secondary. I do not sit with my eyes glued to the small screen that gives me what I demand of it. I do not sit with my head down like some socially withdrawn creature, soaking up the energy and interaction from my electronic juice box.

It irks me to be in the same room with a group of people who are focused on their toys and not upon the reality that is in the same place with them. This will be how we lose our humanity, my friends. This is the borg, and if I were you...I would resist.

I have a friend who is plugged in, no matter where she goes. It's her blood now. I can't blame her, as she truly does interact with everyone online...they become her friends, outside and inside of the pixelated world. However, going anywhere with her or anyone like her, who cannot let their electronic world go, is excruciating and sometimes offensive.

I like to feel I'm actually a part of the outing. I like to feel that the person I'm with is actually there with me. I don't enjoy going out into the populated world much, as I have issues that I readily admit to, and I know what's best for me, so when I do go out...I want the full experience with my companion, not just a half assed excuse to get out.

This is an epidemic that threatens humanity, and I may be exaggerating in your opinion, but in my experiences I've seen it more and more. Unless you appear on that screen in some form, you are a ghost to the Electronic iGeneration.

What's my point?

I'm ranting..and yes, I'm doing it on a computer..but later I'll be out in the hot tub enjoying life, or doing laundry, or maybe playing with my guinea pig...but one thing that anyone with me won't have to wonder is this.... Is Laura really here with me?

I will be.

Get your faces out of your devices and look up.

Hi! I'm a human. I'm sorry I don't have a lot of cool buttons for you to push or my screen isn't a touch screen, and I don't have a lot of memory...but I do have eyes and they're above the screen level.

Please look.

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Originally posted to One Thin Paradigm on Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 07:54 AM PST.

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