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This is probably the toughest diary I've ever had to write.  Early this month my wife invited another man, whom she met on the internet, to meet up with her in our home town.  Less than 12 hours later I was on to her shenanigans and subsequently learned she had slept with him.  Later that same day my wife exposed my daughter to this man as she attempted to help him get oxycontin from the local emergency room.  Allegedly he has a prescription, but arrived without an adequete supply.  

After almost a week of trying to fix this mess my wife had created, I left with my child to stay at my in-laws.  Last week after speaking with a lawyer and being in contact with local law enforcement I returned home and hammered out a deal where we would share custody in exchange for no contact with this strange man.  When I picked my daughter up at the arranged time I quickly learned that my wife had not kept her end of the bargain.


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I scraped together a few hundred dollars as a down payment on a retainer and my divorce was filed on Thursday.  I've only been able to work one day since all of this began and my resources are running dry.  Luckily my employer is infinitely understanding so I will not lose the low paying part-time retail job I do have.  Finding a new and better paying job is nearly impossible as I'm having difficulty getting a sitter amongst my friends for their fear of my wife bringing in the law.  

On the bright side I've got my minivan, a place for my daughter and I to stay for a couple of months, and my daughter.  We're surviving, handling one situation and one day at a time.  I've got the full support of my small extended family, but both sets of grandparents are on fixed incomes and have given all the financial help they can.

A few years ago our pet was sick and many of you offered financial help which I politely declined.  Asking for money goes against my principles, but I can't think of anywhere else to turn.  I used part of my limited funds to get a post office box since I don't have a paypal account or any way to get one.  You can use the message function of the site to get contact information from me, and of course I'm open to any advice the community might share.  Prayers are also welcome.  If anyone's a childcare provider in Southeast Wisconsin or Northern Illinois and is willing to work with me send me a message.

In closing, so far 2013 sucks but I've got nowhere to go but up.

1:03 PM PT: Just an adendum...  On the 15th I contacted Puddytat and asked her to help in this endeavor.  We talked on the phone and she convinced me that I should do this on my own.  At this point with no comments or recs I'm thinking this is a mistake, but I'm going to ride it out as I can always delete it later.

6:44 PM PT: I want to thank everyone for the wonderful response.  I can rest a little easier tonight with the help that's been offered.  I'm going to sign off for tonight.  I'll be back sometime tomorrow to rec any new comments and reply to any new messages.

Good night, and God Bless.

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Originally posted to PvtJarHead on Sat Jan 26, 2013 at 12:54 PM PST.

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