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  • Today's comic by Mark Fiore is Skeet Truth:
    Cartoon by Mark Fiore - Skeet Truth
  • What's coming up on Sunday Kos ...
    • Video games are not violent, but drones are, by Mark Sumner
    • A defense of the Obama Administration policy regarding attacks on American citizens who are determined to be enemy combatants, by Armando
    • Euthanizing gay dogs for Jesus, by Hunter
    • In a system rigged for bosses, workers often lose even when they win, by Laura Clawson
    • Leaving their chains behind them: freed slave colonization and emigration, by Denise Oliver Velez
  • Sarah Palin is not alone:
    The apparent hack of several e-mail accounts has exposed personal photos and sensitive correspondence from members of the Bush family, including both former U.S. presidents, The Smoking Gun has learned. [...]

    In e-mail exchanges with the person who claimed responsibility for the hack, the individual claimed to have swiped “a lot of stuff,” including “interesting mails” about George H.W. Bush’s recent hospitalization, “Bush 43,” and other Bush family members.

    Included in the hacked material is a confidential October 2012 list of home addresses, cell phone numbers, and e-mails for dozens of Bush family members, including both former presidents, their siblings, and their children. The posted photos and e-mails contain a watermark with the hacker’s online alias, “Guccifer.”

  • Fox News reports, you decide:
    From the network that brought you WMD in Iraq, we learn that sure, solar power works in wacky places like Germany, but it would never work in the US because the Germans, bronze gods that they are, get far more sunlight than gloomy, cold, rainy America.  (Spoiler alert: It’s a lie.)
  • Cue the outrage on the right ... and not for the murder of a 15-year old girl:
    First lady Michelle Obama and other senior administration officials plan to attend the funeral Saturday of a Chicago girl who was shot and killed last month after visiting Washington during President Obama’s second inauguration, a White House official said Thursday.
  • Cripes:
    An African American family sued Disneyland after the actor who portrayed the White Rabbit character from “Alice in Wonderland” allegedly refused to hug or touch their children because of their skin color.

    Jason and Annelia Black of San Diego County said the person in the rabbit costume also acted impatiently as their young kids posed for a picture at the Anaheim theme park.
    The Blacks, however, said it was a different scene when a Caucasian family arrived.
    “There were two other kids that came up. The rabbit showered them. Hugged them, kissed them, posed with them, and took pictures. Meanwhile, that made my kids feel horrible,” said Jason.

    Disneyland offered the Black family $500 and some VIP passes and the Blacks were like, DON’T THINK SO FUCKERS, FIRE THAT BITCH AND APOLOGIZE, and good for them.
  • The deadline to submit a panel proposal for Netroots Nation 2013 is today. Got an idea you want to propose? Click here to submit an idea for a panel, training or Screening Series session. Netroots Nation is June 20-23 in San Jose. If you haven't yet registered, click here.
  • On today's Kagro in the Morning show, we wrap up the week with visits from Greg Dworkin, Armando and GideonAB. Topics: the LAPD nightmare; super-early horse race numbers in the jockeying for 2016, analysis of recent gun polling. And we all have our say on drones. Plus, I yell about the wacko smoothie shop guy in Utah, whose stunt of charging liberals more for their drinks recently made the news, and preview of the next #GunFAIL news.

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