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Conservatives are again introducing legislation into three more states that would require recipients of Unemployment Insurance and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (aka "welfare") to pass a drug test before receiving them. This despite the fact such tests have shown a lower rate of drug use than in the general population, and in every case of unemployment insurance and the vast majority of TANF applicants, those eligible for the benefits have been paying taxes for years prior to falling on hard times. And also, of course, the questionable violation of Fourth Amendment rights, as well as due process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment. It can't be about the taxpayers' money, right, since the drug testing costs more than it saves.

And since the NRA is so interested in rooting out the "real" causes of gun violence, they surely would have no objection whatsoever on the right to requiring a little pee in a cup before a buyer could obtain a weapon, right?

Because let's take a worst case scenario with some unemployed person without any means of support and a couple of kids to feed who has a little THC in their system. They might go out and use those benefits to buy some milk for their kids, they might go buy a joint, but I'm pretty sure since the latter gives you the munchies they'd spend most of those benefits on food.

And the worst case of a guy stoned out of his mind buying a gun?

Join me below the fold and let's come up with a list of legal benefits of government for which you should have to pee in a cup before receiving them.


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Some other ideas that pop into my head:

* getting your oil depletion allowances deducted from your taxes

* receiving your Congressional paycheck

* Filing with the Federal Elections Commission

* getting ethanol and crop subsidy checks

* being rescued from your yacht by the Coast Guard after you run aground while watching America's Cup

* re-entering the United States following your vacation to Aruba

Oh, so many more! Because we cannot be safe enough from drug addicts and maniacs. But by all means, go ahead and buy a gun without passing a drug test.

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For which benefit should you have to test clean prior to receiving?

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33%20 votes
3%2 votes
0%0 votes
3%2 votes
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