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Gun with trigger at center of image.
We're back with another round of #GunFAIL stories. Because it keeps happening.

This is very annoying to gun rights advocates, but the news is the news. Does this represent a tiny portion of the guns and gun owners out there? Absolutely. But can we do something about it? Absolutely. For instance, this week, you'll read the story of the concealed weapon permit holder in Florida (where else?) who exercised his right to be a responsible gun owner by concealing his ammunition in his oven. Could we maybe do something to reduce the number of such incidents? Yeah, I think so.

And yes, people continue to clean loaded weapons, too. Or at least, so they claim. Whatever we think they might really have been doing, in the end, they found it less embarrassing to tell the police they were cleaning a loaded gun than to tell them whatever it was that they might have been doing instead. I'll leave it to you to decide why that might be. In this week's installment in the #GunFAIL series, 10 of our stories involve reports of cleaning loaded guns, and when all the details of the later-breaking stories come out, that number may well increase.

Also of interest in this week's compilation: seven concealed carriers had gun accidents, though only four of them actually appear to have had concealed carry permits. Two other carriers also shot themselves while out and about with their weapons, but it's not entirely clear that they were concealing at the time. And of course, the permit holder whose ammunition exploded in the oven this week wasn't actually carrying his gun at all at the time. It was in a drawer. Whereas the bullets were in the oven. And nothin' says lovin' like bullets in the oven.

One additional note: There was one suicide attempt that made the #GunFAIL list this week, even though I've been excluding them from the count lately. I believe you'll see the logic in it once you read the story.

And with that, please continue reading below the fold for this week's dishonor roll.


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  1. CHASKA, MN, 1/28/13: Some sturdy patriot "watered the Tree of Liberty" a few too many times, and freedomed himself in the leg.
  2. EL DORADO HILLS, CA, 2/08/13: Deputies responded to a report of an accidental gunshot wound on Springburn Way in El Dorado Hills. The investigation revealed no criminal intent. Two firearms were taken for safe keeping. Just like Hitler!
  3. LEBANON, OR, 2/10/13: If you were a cop who forgot his gun in the bathroom (yes, it happened again), you'd feel like throwing up, too.
  4. BUFORD, GA, 2/11/13: Waistband ninja shoots himself in the leg at a party.
  5. CLIFTON, CO, 2/13/13: A suicide attempt makes it back into the #GunFAIL list. Man attempts suicide by shooting himself in the chest. But the bullet passes straight out his back ... and hits someone else!
  6. CALUMET CITY, IL, 2/13/13: Responsible gun owner buys a new weapon, and while "playing" with it, shoots her husband in the face & kills him. Because she's a responsible gun owner, she hides the gun and tells cops he was randomly shot by someone else in the back yard of their home and then stumbled inside before collapsing. Freedom!
  7. TOLNA, ND, 2/13/13: Another Responsible Gun Owner has done what no Responsible Gun Owner ever does: cleaning a gun he didn't think was loaded. Patriots: 1; Tyrannical Hands: 0
  8. HENDERSONVILLE, TN, 2/13/13: This guy also cleaned a gun he says he didn't think was loaded. Difference is, he shot his wife in the head and killed her, and is charged with murder now.
  9. MILLVILLE, CA, 2/14/13: We'll make kids safer by teaching them to use guns when they're young. Unless we accidentally shoot them while teaching them, that is.
  10. ALICE, TX, 2/14/13: Without my gun, there's a hole in my soul. With my gun, there's a hole in my sole.
  11. SHANNON, NC, 2/14/13: A 16-year-old and his 14-year-old brother were playing with a shotgun. You know the rest. The older boy didn't make it.
  12. OAK CREEK, WI, 2/14/13: Oh, no! Honey, does this bullet hole make my butt look big? Yes, a man shot his girlfriend in the ass on Valentine's Day.
  13. FOREST, MS, 2/14/13: At Home Hardware Center, you'll come for the selection and service, and stay for the random gunshot wounds!
  14. NORTH TONAWANDA, NY, 2/15/13: If I knew you were coming, I'd have shot a cake! Man cleaning his gun sends stray bullet into his neighbor's house, while she was baking a cake. Responsible gun owner that he is, he calls no one, and fails to appear at the door for half an hour after police started knocking.
  15. ANTIOCH, CA, 2/15/13: Another concealed carry ninja gets in a fight, reaches for the gun in his waistband, and shoots himself in the leg.
  16. BAZINE, KS, 2/15/13: Once again, instead of protecting the family, the guns end up killing family members. This time, a young girl.
  17. NEW DURHAM, NH, 2/15/13: World record hunter's foot bagged with a 22-caliber semi-automatic rifle.
  18. ROCK HILL, SC, 2/15/13: Sure, I've read about all the accidents. But I'm pretty smart about my guns. So there's probably no chance this one I want to clean is still loade ... BLAM!
  19. COLLEGE PARK, GA, 2/16/13: Two armed men come to shoot a third man, who takes off running. In the chase, one "bad guy" (presumably!) accidentally (presumably!) shoots the other.
  20. NEW BRAUNFELS, TX, 2/16/13: Want to see my gun? Want to be blood brothers? Want to do both at once? How about I accidentally shoot myself through the hand, and have the blood-covered bullet pass into your gut? Ready? KA-POW!
  21. GRAND JUNCTION, CO, 2/16/13: Man freedoms himself in the head, but tyrannical, jackbooted thug prevents his friend from driving him to the hospital at the speed of his choice!
  22. MILL HALL, PA, 2/16/13: Yeah, man! I totally defended my home and my family with my gun! U-S-A! Wooo! Only bad part was, the guy shot me while trying to grab my 1-year-old sister. But I grabbed my gun and defended my family! By which I mean I shot myself in the arm and lied to the cops. Sorry, America.
  23. NORTHPORT, AL, 2/17/13: Sit at my knee, my young daughter, while I engage in the Act of a Patriot: cleaning my (loaded) gun! One day I hope you'll share in this great tradition! In fact, why wait? You and I can share that bullet I neglected to take out of there. BLAM!
  24. RICHFIELD, UT, 2/17/13: Dang! Flat tire! Well, I know I have a tire iron somewhere in the back seat. That, and a loaded rifle. I'll just rummage about with my hand and see which one I grab. BLAM! Okay, note to self: That was the rifle.
  25. WHITT, TX, 2/17/13: Backyard squirrels: 1; 12-year-old's ankle: 0
  26. UTICA, NY, 2/18/13: This gentleman was on an almost 80-year unbroken streak of never having shot himself in a jacket accident. But alas, it was not to be.
  27. NEW IBERIA, LA, 2/18/13: Witnesses say accident, cops not so sure. But clearly this 6-year-old should have been armed.
  28. DECATUR, OH, 2/18/13: A 9-year-old boy was shot in the head. You'll never guess where he found the gun. Unless you've read a newspaper before, that is. Parents' bedroom. Where else?
  29. DETROIT, MI, 2/18/13: Another concealed carry ninja wins another battle in the never-ending war against legs!
  30. TALLAHASSEE, FL, 2/18/13: What? You shot yourself in the leg, too? No way! How could that happen?
  31. DAVIE, FL, 2/18/13: So he was just cleaning my gun, when all of a sudden ... What? You've heard this story before? Well, not from this guy, you haven't.
  32. ST. PETERSBURG, FL, 2/18/13: Okay, this one may just be the world champion of dumb. I can't tell it any better than the newspaper deadpanned it: Walker, 18, told police she went to her friends house and decided to make waffles in the oven when she became hungry. She said she preheated the oven and a few minutes later heard an explosion. That is when she noticed she had bullet fragments in her breast, thighs and knee area. Police interviewed Walker's friend about the gun. According to a police report, the friend told police the Glock 21 was in a drawer and the magazine was placed in the oven with four rounds in it.
  33. STOCKTON, CA, 2/18/13: Dude, I accidentally shot Alex. Let's take him to the Kaiser Permanente building. Maybe they have Band-Aids or something. Oh, man, they're closed! Because it's midnight, I guess. Well, now he's dead.
  34. PONTIAC, MI, 2/18/13: Yawn. Man cleaning gun. Was loaded. Shot self. Yawn.
  35. MCDONOUGH, GA, 2/18/13: Yawn. Man cleaning girlfriend's gun. Was loaded. Shot self. But was convicted felon and therefore prohibited from possessing a weapon, so he goes back to jail. Yawn.
  36. CALLAWAY, FL, 2/19/13: Someone else shot by a 2-year-old, just to switch things up a little.
  37. VALDOSTA, GA, 2/19/13: Responsible gun owner and Air Force Airman decides to clean yet another loaded gun. Only this time, the twist is that he shoots through his apartment wall, across a breezeway, and into a neighbor's apartment. Oh, and also in the neighbor's 14-month-old son's hand. Being a responsible gun owner, he then proceeded to attempt to hide the shell casing from police. He faces reckless conduct charges and possible discipline from the Air Force. The boy may lose a finger. Freedom!
  38. MORAINE, OH, 2/19/13: Yet. Another. Concealed. Carry. Ninja. Shoots. Himself. Lord. Help. Me.
  39. NEW ORLEANS, LA, 2/19/13: Police arrested Kirchelle Fleming, 22, Tuesday after they say she accidentally shot a romantic partner because of his infidelity. According to court records, Fleming shot the 35-year-old man in Algiers because she felt he was making her look foolish by dealing with multiple women. The victim said that Fleming walked up to him, yelled out her concerns and then pulled a purple gun from her bag. Fleming pointed the weapon at the victim’s stomach, but didn’t shoot, the records said. However, when the victim tried to wrestle the weapon away from Fleming, it accidentally discharged.
  40. ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL, 2/20/13: Concealed carry ninja decides to spin her gun on her finger, point it at her head and pull the trigger. Because cool. And responsible gun owner.
  41. ANDALUSIA, AL, 2/20/13: You idiots who clean loaded guns and shoot yourselves don't know what you're doing with firearms! Let the pros at the gun shop show you how it's done. KA-BLAM!
  42. WILLIAMSBURG, KY, 2/20/13: Fiscally responsible gun owners know that if you're going to accidentally shoot two or more people, you want to do it with one bullet.
  43. GARLAND, TX, 2/20/13: Another 3-year-old tyrant refreshes the Tree of Liberty. RIP, kid. UPDATE: He found dad's gun and shot himself.
  44. WALTERBORO, SC, 2/20/13: A 16-year-old and a 12-year-old decided to play with a shotgun. I'll cut right to the chase. The 12-year-old. In the thigh.
  45. SPRING CREEK, NV, 2/20/13: A bad day for kids' thighs, I guess. Here's a 4-year-old "freedomed" in hers.
  46. MILPITAS, CA, 2/21/13: A 26-year-old man shot himself in the foot, but had to make things worse for himself and his family by lying to police about how it happened. Why? Because he's got a criminal record, which means he's prohibited from having a gun. So he and his mom hid the shell casing and the gun, and told cops a detailed story about how he was shot by someone else, instead. Not true, and everybody goes to jail. But mom's been there before, and quite famously as it turns out! She's the woman who claimed in 2005 to have found a severed finger in her Wendy's chili, only it turned out that she'd planted it there. And it wasn't hers, which means she had a supply of severed human fingers. What a fun family!
  47. LUZERNE TOWNSHIP, PA, 2/21/13: Tyrants are getting younger all the time. Here's a 2-year-old shot in the head. State police in Belle Vernon said the boy somehow gained access to a handgun owned by his stepfather that was in his mother's purse. The boy apparently accidentally shot himself in the head.
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Originally posted to David Waldman on Fri Feb 22, 2013 at 09:12 AM PST.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA, Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA), and Daily Kos.

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