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     After a silence for a time, enjoying the success of helping many others make sure that Pitten's did not even have a chance to steal the POTUS chair, it is now time to get back in the battle against Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital. And the New York Times is assisting the quest for justice.

See NY Times story by Reporter Joe Nocera



Rigging the I.P.O. Game


Joe Nocera's states - midway in his story - that;
What they [the litigants] clearly show is that Goldman knew exactly what it was doing when it underpriced the eToys I.P.O. — and many others as well. (According to the lawsuit, Fitt led around a dozen underwritings in 1999, several of which were also woefully underpriced.) Taken in their entirety, the e-mails and internal reports show Goldman took advantage of naïve Internet start-ups to fatten its own bottom line.
     Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital know they are in trouble. Their (secret) law firm (www.MNAT.com ) and Paul Traub, are also in deep pooh at the present time. They believed they could get away with billions of dollars in fraud, because Laser Haas is an amoeba and Mitt Romney was going to become POTUS and pick that "friendly" United States Attorney General that Mr. Adelson was paying an estimated $100 million for. It would have worked to - had Mitten's made the cut.

But - OOPs - Romney didn't make it

                        and dear ole Mr. Adelson just confessed his SEC crimes (here).


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Previously, many readers here were informed about my history with Goldman Sachs, Romney, Bain Capital and their cronies. Including Federal Corruption.

       Mitt Romney sought to be "retroactively" retired from August 2001 (back to February 1999) - in order to dodge probable culpability as CEO of Bain Capital when the eToys frauds transpired. He has been able (thus far) to get away with such skullduggery; because they made a Bain Capital law firm partner (Colm Connolly of www.MNAT.com ) to be the United States Attorney in Delaware and protect Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital from investigation.

    You can look upon Colm Connolly's RESUME at the Department of Justice's Office of Legal Policy. If you pay attention, you will see the blazing coincidence of the time Connolly was a Partner at MNAT is the very same time that Mitt Romney seeks to escape his accountability by being  "retroactive" .

Full Disclosure

    I'm  Laser Haas and my company (CLI) was the court approved "wind-down" senior executive entity of eToys approved by federal order to maximize returns with minimum expense. Thus - there's no debate that I belong in the battle - it is My JOB!

    The MNAT and Paul Traub law firms, along with Barry Gold, are ALL connected (secretly) - to Bain Capital/ Mitt Romney. This is the VERY reason Mitt Romney sought to be "retroactively" resigned the year 2001 (back to February 1999) - in order to "dodge" the fact that MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub have (already) - CONFESSED - to 34 acts of Perjury/ Fraud against our company eToys.


 But NO investigation and/or prosecution has transpired!

Please see PoliticusUSA.com Story by Rmuse of March 24, 2013

Because the are Too big to Fail and Too Big To Jail


Summary of the Organized Crimes

In the fall of 2000, Bain Capital (now with people inside the Toy powerhouse Mattel) - acquired Kay Bee Toys (who had the CEO of Michael Glazer) (again see the latter part of Taibbi's - "Greed and Debt" story).

     Prior to this time (in 1999) - Goldman Sachs tooks eToys.com public (IPO) and the law firm in Delaware (where eToys public entity was formed as a corporation) - that works for Goldman Sachs is also MNAT. The stock soared to $85 but eToys received less than $20. Romney/ Bain Capital desired a "non-public" eToys and so did Goldman Sachs. So the books were "cooked" and a bogus bankruptcy was filed by MNAT. Then Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnel (MNAT), the same law firm that also handled the Mormon Church's claim on the Howard Hughes Will (MNAT's client) - LIED (and confessed they lied) - in order to become eToys (Debtor) attorney. Paul Traub lied about his connections (conflicts of interest) to Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and Barry Gold - to become the eToys "Creditors" attorney.

        Upon the success of Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital (CEO Mitt Romney at that time), MNAT and Paul Traub's schemes to destroy the eToys public company; a wrench in the works entered the game. Specifically, yours truly (Laser Haas and his company CLI) - became the court appointed fiduciary to wind-down eToys and maximize the values while securing the assets. Once the plot & ploys to buy the entire $8 billion worth of eToys for only a few million - began to fail - MNAT/ Paul Traub then placed in their (secret) partner Barry Gold as President/ CEO of eToys and threw out Laser Haas/ CLI.

        Thus, eToys, with MNAT as Debtor's counsel, Paul Traub as Creditor's counsel and Barry Gold as President/ CEO - all having secret (UNdisclosed) connections to Goldman Sachs, Mitt Romney and Bain Capital; utilized their schemes & artifices to defraud to (in reality) be Bain Capital employees selling (OUT) their court approved clients to benefit their (secret) clients of Michael Glazer/ Kay Bee/ Bain Capital/ Mitt Romney (REMEMBER now - Mitt Romney believed he was on his way to the White House where he could hand pick his very own Attorney General of the United States).

Tell DOJ to Investigate Mitt Romney's Serial Fraud & Perjury

        Who the "REAL" culprits are here is MNAT, Goldman Sachs, Paul Traub, Barry Gold, Mitt Romney, Bain Capital and Michael Glazer.  As you can see by the incestuous (less than 2 degrees of separation) chart above right. They are an "enterprise" of "association in fact" persons (the very definition of RICO) - who continuously utilize a Bankruptcy Ring of perpetrators to steal billions and buy things like Clear Channel Communications. In the hopes to expand the power/ reach of their organized criminal empire to become POTUS. Then they put the excess monies (and profits of their crimes) - OFF SHORE. Or they reinvest them in other schemes & artifices to defraud.

        As a case in point, please see the Taibbi "Greed and Debt" story. Just as Barry Gold was a "directors assistant" who was then made President/ CEO with $50 million as his check book to pay himself, MNAT and Paul Traub millions of dollars for helping Goldman Sachs/ Bain Capital destroy and sell eToys for FREE. Michael Glazer was Kay Bee's CEO who wrote himself a check for $18 million and Bain Capital one for $83 million and then filed bankruptcy of Kay Bee Toys.

       Now, as you would surmise, this is (of course) ILLEGAL conduct of the highest order. However - it has NOT been properly investigated and/ or prosecuted - because of a CORRUPT federal prosecutor named Colm Connolly (pic right). MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub have (already) CONFESSED that they lied under oath about MNAT (secretly) being the attorney for Goldman Sachs and Barry Gold/ Paul Traub (secretly) being partners. They offered me Bribery in 2001 and I reported it to the Dept of Justice in Delaware. This caused them to panic, Mitt Romney to resign and Colm Connolly (who was a partner of MNAT from 1999 to August 2001 - see his RESUME at DOJ archive http://www.justice.gov/...   ); where Colm Connolly was then made United States Attorney (federal prosecutor) in Delaware and he broke the law to bury the case.

     Therefore - I ask the readers these questions

 Isn't it about time Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital were indicted?

Conclusion and Prayer for Relief

         Yes, the court has ruled against me (AGAIN) in 2012. But it actually helped. The trolls who have sought to assist and make friends with the devil are now VERY disappointed. As are many who helped Romney and his RICO Gang get away with it all, expecting BIG rewards in return.

            The court said she is tired of me, tired of the case and doesn't want to hear it. The naysays and trolls among U.S. say the same thing. The court has ruled that the Clerk of Court is to forbid my attempts to enter the evidences in this case.

          To the Court Corrupt, the Clerks Corrupt and the troll suck ups

                  Plus MNAT, Traub, Gold, Romney, Bain, Goldman Sachs

                              and the CORRUPT Federal personnel

                                                  I say

    My name is Laser Haas.

         You are WAY more powerful than I am

                        But - unlike you - I believe in our Laws & Constitution.

                                              I TOLD YOU  - Justice would come

                     KNOCK KNOCK

Did you hear that whisper - a former United States Attorney is taking Laser's case on!


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Isn't it time Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital were indicted?

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