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There is a military style AR-15 assault rifle in the hands of a thief in Cottonwood Heights, thanks to the carelessness of gun lobbyist and gun safety educator Clark Aposhian.  While he was cleaning out his garage, he left the firearm in the back seat of his Magnum station wagon.

Utah Shooting Sports Council Chairman Clark Aposhian told KSTU that he was cleaning out his garage and placed the firearm in the back of his Dodge Magnum station wagon. He said the AR-15 military-style assault rifle was in a locked case and equipped with a thermal scope for night vision. Aposhian insisted the gun was not loaded at the time.
This I believe is the gun he uses for blowing away deer in the middle of the night.

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The local police sergeant called Aposhian's behavior nuts:
“To leave a weapon of that value, an assault rifle, in a car is just nuts,” Cottonwood Heights Police Department Sgt. Scott Peck observed.

Peck fears that the weapon, which is registered, is on the streets of Cottonwood Heights.

“We definitely have a concern,” he explained. “There’s lots of them everywhere and we know there’s another one out there and it’s in the hands of a thief obviously.”

OK, shit happens. But Aposhian is chairman of the Utah Shooting Sports Council and a gun 'educator' who called for arming and educating teachers in gun use, after the Sandy Hook shooting that killed 26 children and adults.
Just days after the mass killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Aposhian told CNN that the Utah Shooting Sports Council was sponsoring free gun classes for teachers because the answer to school violence was more guns in the classroom.

“It’s why we put fire extinguishers and medical kits in classrooms,” he said.

But he can't even keep track of his own weapon.

As Maryanne Martindale of the Alliance for a Better Utah says:

“It’s pretty shocking, this is a guy whose livelihood is built teaching conceal and carry permit classes and gun safety,” said Maryanne Martindale, executive director of Alliance for a Better Utah.

ABU is a non-profit progressive group that opposed Aposhian’s support for House Bill 76, the law that would’ve allowed gun owners to carry their conceal guns without a permit. Governor Herbert vetoed the law.

“I would view Clark prior to this incident as someone with a heightened awareness of gun safety and gun protocol,” said Martindale. “He’s someone who’s always talking about what people do and this is how people carry them and take care of their weapons. I’m a gun owner, I know where my gun is, it’s got a trigger lock, it’s unloaded and in a lock box in my house.”

The irony.
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Originally posted to Barefoothoofcare on Fri Mar 29, 2013 at 10:16 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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