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Hey Kossacks, it's Chris Bowers, the Senior Campaign Director at Daily Kos. That means I manage the email and activism program here.

Right now, we have more activism and email work than we can complete, so we are hiring a new Associate Campaign Director to help out.

It's a pretty cool job at a pretty cool place. You get to work with the Daily Kos staff from the comfort of your own home, putting together actions that will make a difference on the stories that are of the most interest to the Daily Kos community. Further, it's high level stuff that allows you to regularly interact with other major progressive organizations.

My career in politics started just by being a diarist and commenter here at Daily Kos. What's more, my wife and several of my friends also launched their careers in politics by being amateur bloggers and commenters. This has made me a big believer that there is some serious political talent in this community, and that's why I am posting this job notice here four days days before I post it anywhere else.

Kossacks get first crack at this one. You can see the job description below the orange squiggly thing. If you want to come work as an digital organizer with Big Orange, please check it out and apply.


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Associate Campaign Director, Daily Kos

Daily Kos is looking for a new member of its campaigns and activism team. The job will focus on the following tasks:

1) Identify trending topics within the Daily Kos community, and produce ways that the community can take action on those topics over our email list, blog, and facebook page;

2) Coordinate with our editorial staff to produce ways for our readers to take meaningful action connected to the content that appears on the front page of our blog;

3) Fundraise for Daily Kos, our endorsed candidates and our active campaigns;

4) Work closely with a wide range of progressive coalitions and partner organizations with whom we engage in joint activism projects;

5) Engage in A/B testing, as well as data collection and analysis, in order to maximize the performance of individual actions, discern long-term trends, and develop best practices for the email and activism program.

Important skills and experience for the job include:

--Strong familiarity with the world of independent, progressive blogging;
--Experience with email-based online campaigning;
--Writing quickly and clearly under deadline;
--Coordinating with staff and partner orgs from home in a virtual office space;
--Experience with html, excel, Act Blue, and email CRM database management.

Being a part of the Daily Kos campaigns and activism team allows you not only to engage in fast-paced, high-level activism on almost every major political issue of the day, but often to force new issues into the national discussion. While the primary platform for our activism is our large, high-performing email list, everything flows from our one of a kind, blog-based community. This is why some familiarity with email-based online organizing is a plus, but extensive experience in the progressive blogosphere is prefered.

This is a full-time, long-term, telecommuting position based in a virtual office. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and multiple hyperlinks to writing samples to jobs@dailykos.com.

6:25 PM PT: The job also comes with infinite mojo.

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