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In the end I did actually have a couple of very good ideas for diary topics this evening, but in the wake of the bombings at the Boston Marathon today I simply don't have the heart to wax eloquent. The write-up of those ideas can wait for another time.

However, I appreciate having the chance to say hi and to catch up with each other every Monday evening, so I do still want to host the series for anyone who comes by to chat. (I realize that taxes might also keep people away tonight.)

I have to admit that I have played hooky nearly all week from my usual good health routines. I haven't made a pie yet (apple-cherry is the plan) but that's still on the list. I haven't had any ice cream yet either; somehow that isn't as exciting as it used to be! But I have had a couple of cappucinos and mochas, and they're unusual for me lately. Oh, and I did have a glass of white wine and a small quantity of B & B last Tuesday. Interestingly enough I don't have as many "bad" habits as I once had, or at least I'm not as captive to them. I guess that's helpful.

Other than that--I'm happy to have had some sunshine today and more assertive flowers. I have some little blue star-shaped flowers growing profusely in the back yard, and the daffodils are threatening to blossom soon. I'd better put the outdoor chores on my to-do list for this month and next or the whole yard will get away from me again. Ha! As though this year would be any different....

The good personal news for me today is that my Medicare card arrived. My coverage will start on 8/1. That will be a boon to our finances, or at least so I hope. I still have lots of questions to answer between now and then.

How has your week been? What's new? Do you have plans for the next few weeks? Has spring arrived in your part of the world yet? How is it going for you and yours? The floor is now open.

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