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Carlos was born in Costa Rica. He moved to America as an undocumented worker and had two beautiful sons. But it wasn't long before the ugly face of politics took one of those sons away. His son Marine Lance Corporal Alexander Arrendondo was killed in Iraq in 2004. Carlos responded to the news in absolute grief, dousing himself with gasoline and setting light to himself before being tackled to the ground. Once taken to the hospital he had 20% of his body covered in burn scars.

Since that day Carlos had traveled the country. Protesting against the war, and was evenattacked by right wing nutjobs for doing so. In 2006 Edward Kennedy working on his behalf was able to obtain Citizenship for Carlos Arredondo. But that's not where the story ends.


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Carlos continued to protest well past 2008 and 2009. Setting up booths atOccupy Boston so that people would not forget what his son gave for this country and what this nations greed had cost him.

But in 2011 another blow would hit the Arredondo family; as his other son, Brian still unable to reconcile the loss of his brother 7 years later, took his own life. Since that day Carlos has worked at home and throughout the nation to promote law changes and suicide prevention.

Each standing by their own are amazing stories. For any individual just doing one of these things would be enough to make them a hero in the eyes of others. But Carlos is not a ordinary man, and these alone are not the events that make him the Hero this nation needs.

No. Today as bombs went off at the Boston Marathon Carlos was there and he was not just going to sit about while people laid dying around him.

Carlos stood up! Carlos took these people; bodies torn apart by shockwave and shrapnel, some missing legs, some with limbs torn apart!

He lifted them up! He placed one legless man in a wheelchair and clamped his Femoral Artery by HAND. He wheeled him to a ambulance and went back for more! He was not afraid of a second explosion or another attack. He was only concerned with helping others.

He saved that man and many other peoples life.

For those who are reeling as a result of this attack, and seem to lose hope that this world could ever be a better place despite of the violence going on around us here is the evidence, the proof. There is still hope in this world. There is still hope in America.

Carlos Arredondo is that hope. He is that Hero so needed. He is a an amazing man. A man who deserves applause and much more for what he has done today.  Despite facing every odd in his life and having everything set against him. He has come out as one of the finest example of the Human Condition and our America and what we stand for.


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Originally posted to elmaji on Mon Apr 15, 2013 at 08:29 PM PDT.

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