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Controversial right wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh continues to speak out against solar energy--this week characterizing it as old fashioned and unproductive.  

And, inexplicably, solar companies keep spending good money for ads on his show.  

On Monday's show, Limbaugh carefully explained that global warming is nothing more than a left wing plot to end technological progress by encouraging development of old-fangled energy sources like wind and solar power:

Do you know what the left's absorption with global warming really is?  It's anti-progress.  The left has determined  that any progress is filthy and polluting and disgusting and must be stopped, and if there is any group of people that want to turn back the clock and reduce progress and technological advancement (particularly the area global warming) it's these people...These people want windmills, for crying out loud! They want to go back to foregone days, long-ago days, solar, all of these things that are just unproductive. They want to go back to horse manure in the streets, in effect.  If there's any group of people that wants to roll back progress, it's the American left, particularly with their devotion to global warming.  

(audio here)

For some reason, Limbaugh's efforts to scare investors away from solar energy does not dissuade many solar energy companies from supporting his views with ads.

One such company is New York Renewable Energy, Engineering, and Recycling Group, a company that this week began to tout its solar panels on Rush Limbaugh's Show.  NYREER portrays its products as a wise financial decision as well as a way to protect the environment:

Protect the Environment

Clean, renewable energy is important for the future. By choosing to power your home with solar energy, you're preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere—and helping eliminate our country's dependence on fossil fuels. For example, a one-kilowatt solar electric system:

    Prevents 150 lbs. of coal from being mined
    Prevents 300 lbs. of CO2 from entering the atmosphere
    Keeps 105 gallons of water from being consumed in hydroelectric plants

When contacted by StopRush volunteers about their ad on Rush Limbaugh, a NYREER spokesperson said that Rush Limbaugh doesn't make "blanket statements about solar" and that if he did they "would clearly not support his radio show in that case."
(original diary below)

Rush Limbaugh has long been a vocal supporter of the oil industry.  He supports it in classic Limbaugh fashion--with copious lies.

Limbaugh has denied that oil companies receive subsidies and even said that BP's oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 was "as natural as the ocean water is."

But Limbaugh is not just a cheerleader for fossil fuels.  He is also an outpoken critic of renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

In this 2011 segment entitled "Green Energy Does Not Work," Limbaugh and a caller claimed the public was being misled by slick solar energy marketing:

RUSH: Yeah. Look, we're talking marketing terms here anyway. There is no such thing as "renewal," there's no such thing as "sustainable," there's no such thing as "clean," in terms of energy. Is there? You're an architect.

CALLER: Well, no, there isn't.

RUSH: What renews?

CALLER: Well, right.

RUSH: Maybe reverse osmosis with water. What renews?

CALLER: Well, supposedly sunlight just shines down and you collect the energy, but you gotta clean these panels. You know how your windshield gets dirty just sitting out in the road for a couple of days.

RUSH: Why does it take a $1 billion grant from the government to some company to be able to harness that? It doesn't work is the point.

Last year Limbaugh asserted that there was no solar energy industry:


"The problem with the Volt is just like all of Obama's green energy, there's no business there yet.  There's no solar energy business yet.  There's no wind energy yet.  It's not there yet.  But we can't have more oil."

A few months later Limbaugh said that, without subsidies, the solar industry wouldn't even exist:

"There is no solar business.  It doesn't exist without subsidies."

But despite Limbaugh's efforts to scare their investors away, solar energy companies are inexplicably lining up to advertise on his program.  

In the last week alone, at least 7 solar energy companies have run ads on the Rush Limbaugh Show--9 in the last month.  

Why these companies put money in the pocket of a man who does his best to discredit them and steer business away from them is anybody's guess.

Fortunately for these companies, there are are plenty of facts readily available to counter Limbaugh's misinformation.  Costs of solar energy have plunged over the last 40 years:

According to a December, 2012 Economist article, "in sunny regions such as California, photovoltaic power could already compete without subsidy" with other parts of the traditional power market.  

A study published in Forbes last year said that the cost of solar energy is expected to continue falling and added that arguments made by opponents of solar energy are based on "outdated numbers [which] are still widely disseminated to governments, regulators and investors."

Rush Limbaugh is a key part of this propaganda movement aimed at holding back our country's energy progress and keeping as much money as possible flowing into the pockets of big oil companies.

Nonexistent solar panels
It's time for solar energy companies to wake up to the fact that Rush Limbaugh is not their friend.

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Decent folks who believe in tolerance and equality are no longer powerless against Limbaugh's efforts to spread intolerance on the radio.  StopRush is making a major impact by convincing advertisers on this show to withdraw their ads--and with your help we can do even more.  Just a few emails, tweets, or Facebook messages a week to Limbaugh's advertisers can go a long way toward making hatred less profitable.  It is our collective voice that makes us strong.  

Want to do something hold Limbaugh accountable?  
Join StopRush!  We can use your help in the following ways:

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