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Today was yet another case day in the ongoing civil cases.  A further eight cases were brought to conclusion.


Reality TV star Jade Goody's estate, former Conservative MP Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine and a former aide to Tony Blair are among eight of the latest claimants to settle their cases against News of the World for phone hacking.

The former Blue Peter and This Morning presenter John Leslie has also settled his case with News Group Newspapers, the News International subsidiary that published the now defunct Sunday tabloid, and accepted "substantial damages", the high court heard on Friday morning.

Matthew Doyle, who was Blair's deputy director of communications in Downing Street, has also settled his claim for "misuse of private information and breach of confidence" and accepted damages and legal costs.


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Matthew Doyle is interesting

Looking at  Twitter this Lunchtime Martin Hickman, the Journalist who amongst other things wrote Dial M for Murdoch said the following

Martin Hickman (martin_hickman) on Twitter

News International was running quite a surveillance operation on Blair's Downing Street. Was hacking phone of his wife, her trainer...
2/2. Her financial adviser, his communications director and, now, his deputy communications director
And they listened to the phone messages of his deputy prime minister. Blair didn't have a mobile while at No 10. Just as well, really.
In the past we've seen a whole range of government ministers senior party members, and their staff on the Labour side of the house listed as having had their phone hacked. Each additional name added to that list makes it harder to understand how the Metropolitan police failed to inform the Government of the time and their security people that this was going on. and reporters have seen this

 We are still yet to see the criminal charges come to trial, but more may come out on this side of the investigation. but there are questions for police officers to answer..

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