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Here's a live video stream for a law enforcement briefing on the hunt for the Boston Marathon bomb suspect. The briefing is scheduled for 5:30 PM ET, but these things have a tendency to fall behind schedule. We'll update as it happens.

2:37 PM PT: The New York Times has a story up on what people who knew the brothers thought of them.

2:47 PM PT: Obviously there's a delay in the briefing, which isn't a great surprise given all that's going on.

2:50 PM PT: The controlled explosion ended up not being necessary.

State Police: NO explosives found on Norfolk Street in Cambridge where suspected Marathon bombers lived. NO 'controlled explosion' needed.

@BostonGlobe via TweetDeck

2:51 PM PT: I took down the embed that had been at the top of this post—it was just taking too long to load. You can still link to the live video stream here though.

2:52 PM PT: CNN says the briefing appears to be imminent, which probably means it will happen tomorrow.

2:57 PM PT: WBZ Boston says the Watertown search is almost complete and that law enforcement may return start the search all over again.

3:05 PM PT: Gov. Patrick starts the briefing. He introduces Col. Tim Alben of state police.

3:06 PM PT: Alben: "We do not have an apprehension, but we will have one ... we went through about 20 streets here [in Watertown] ... we've followed a number of leads that taken us various places in eastern Mass ... none of those leads have been fruitful."

3:07 PM PT: Alben: "We're going to draw back our tactical teams." It sounds like they are giving up on finding the suspect inside the perimeter they've set up, but I could be misinterpreting that. Alben says there will be a police presence on the streets to guarantee safety.

3:09 PM PT: Patrick says the Stay indoors request has been lifted and that the T is open. Patrick urges the public to nonetheless remain vigilant.

3:11 PM PT: The head of Watertown Police says there will continue to be a heavy police presence in Watertown. It's not entirely clear whether the heavy police presence is about reassuring the public or if it is about continuing to search for the suspect.

3:13 PM PT: Alben, from the state police, urges the public to be vigilant for the suspect. He also suggests that after the initial shootout last night, it wasn't possible to set up a perimeter quickly enough to contain the suspect.

3:14 PM PT: Alben says the authorities don't have direct knowledge that he is in the Boston area ... but that they don't believe he would have gone far.

3:16 PM PT: Alben says he believes he is in Massachusetts. And he says that the extra police protection for Watertown is to provide comfort to the people of Watertown. So it sounds like they do not believe the suspect is there.

3:19 PM PT: More precisely, they do not believe the suspect is definitely in Watertown—although it's possible that he could be.

3:21 PM PT: Alben says the suspect abandoned his car and fled on foot last night, though it wasn't clear where he abandoned the car.

3:22 PM PT: The briefing is over. The big news seems to be that the stay indoors order has been lifted and that authorities want people to return to normal in Boston. But they also don't know where Dzhokar Tsarnaev is.


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