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As we come to the end of another week free from chemotherapy, we now know the pattern. The beginning of the week was rough - Monday night the last of the chemo cycle, Tuesday and Wednesday morning were difficult.  But as the week went on Leaves felt stronger.  During the week we got sandwiches from our favorite The Italian Store in Lyon Village.  We also stopped by District Taco since one evening she had a craving for their products.  Given her health she is not strictly abiding by fast regulations to ensure she gets enough nutrition.  

There are ups and downs, as is true in any week.  But Saturday represented a major milestone:  she went out completely on her own in her car to Nordstrom's at Tyson's Corner and to Bedazzled in Falls Church to look at things she might want to get. In the latter case, one of our dear cats had run off with one of her makeup brushes which she had to replace. She was out for several hours and while a bit tired when she came home, felt good about the day.

So when she lay down, we decided it was time to bring out the quilt given her by the Daily Kos community, and guess what happened . . .


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it became a cat magnet.

It started with just Lion-El Tiger, the senior feline member of the household:


Quickly enough the other male, Cielito Midnight, decided he had to get in on the fun:


In due time, our older female, Elsa also joined in as you can see in the following two photos:


three from end of bed

Leaves repeated how wonderful and meaningful a gift that quilt has been.  The cats obviously agree, even though they do not seem to care to read the wonderful messages like these:

text of 1

text of 2

We have little doubt of the soothing and healing power of the quilt.

We already knew of the soothing and healing power of our cats.

Our other lady has not yet come up on the quilt, although she did come into the room.  

Leaves on the Current is now becoming more independent in her actions.  She can regularly put on and take off Gregor, her back brace.  She has figured out how she can dress and undress herself, although I am still needed to move the cat pan out of the way when she wants to shower.  On occasion she has fixed her own meals.  

We have both adjusted.  I am now more actively seeking employment, either for the fall in a school setting or even before then in some place else where I feel I can contribute.

Like others, we spent a lot of time glued to the TV this past week, watching as events unfolded, particularly starting in the early hours on Friday.  

We also both find time to read and reflect.  

We joke some.  It is not gallows humor, because we know she is making progress.

This afternoon she will meet a dear friend from when they were both at Oxford for lunch.  She will be a guest at the Cosmos Club, to which she will drive herself, and then after lunch drive her hostess to the airport before coming home.

The next appointment with the oncologist is Tuesday afternoon, which is the day she returns to chemotherapy.  

We still feel the support and love being sent our way.  

We are grateful, and like the President does when people yell out that they love him, we say back "We love you too!"


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Originally posted to teacherken on Sun Apr 21, 2013 at 09:04 AM PDT.

Also republished by Community Quilt Project.

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