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Self-proclaimed, "Mayor of Real-sville" is at it again. Now Rush Limbaugh is comparing the media images of Boston bomb suspect, Dzhakar Tsarnaev, to 17-year old Trayvon Martin who was killed last March in a tragic shooting and the subject of racial profiling. First of all Rush Limbaugh, Treyvon Martin was not involved with any mass murder attempt. Why would you bring him into your warped story Why would you not compare suspect Tsarnaev, to criminals like the Oklahoma bomber, the Sandy Hook mass murder, or the Columbine murderers? Because you're a racist taking another shot at Trayvon while provoking more hatred towards Muslims, on our public radio.

Here is text from the Daily Rushbo.com audio clip. Fair Warning - you may find Limbaugh's slow creepy description in this clip, exceptionally high on the cringe-factor:

‘The news media are doing to Dzhokhar what they did to Trayvon Martin,” Limbaugh observed. “They’re regularly showing a photo of Dzhokhar that was taken when he was about 14. Soft, angelic, nice little boy. Harmless. Cute. Big, loveable eyes.”

“Not at all what he looks like today,” Limbaugh added. “The way, when we’re shown Osama bin Laden, it’s in his shepherd pose with his walking stick, walking through the mountains or whatever.”

Wait. When was Osama Bin Laden ever portrayed as a meek shepherd? Did I miss something over these last ten years? Bin Laden images have always looked pretty sinister to me. And Rush, tell me again why you would bring up Trayvon Martin in the same rant as Bin Laden, as well as Tsarnaev? Because you're a ... Keep it up. Keep embarrassing Republicans, and claming you're their spokesperson. Give the public more reason to vote Democrat in 2014. We'll take it.

Daily Rushbo.com Audio Clip:

Rush Limbaugh continues on with his smut three hours a day, five days a week, spreading hate, racism, misogyny and anti-gay bigotry. Fortunately groups working against him continue on as well, gaining in numbers daily. Boycott Rush Limbaugh To Shut Him Down now has over 53,000 followers that are contacting sponsors daily. Thousands of sponsors have pulled ads from his show since the protests and boycotts began.

If you'd like to get involved in the Boycotts and The StopRush Project, here are some links and a petition:

Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor Petition

Thank You Richard Myers. We Will Finish This. Rest In Peace.

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Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Wed Apr 24, 2013 at 09:22 AM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts.

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