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After a banner year in 2012 for progressives, we could not be more excited about this year’s batch of progressive activists heading to Netroots Nation. That is why Democracy for America is excited to once again offer the Netroots Nation Scholarship which gives you the opportunity to attend, even if you lack the personal funds to do it. We’ve been running the Netroots Nation Scholarships since 2008 and are thrilled that so many great bloggers and activists have been able to attend Netroots through this program. Will you be the next one? Apply here.

This is your chance to take the next step in your activism, and make a huge impact on the progressive movement. Many previous scholars write for blogs in communities that have little access to progressive infrastructure. They are reaching people and engendering the debate that must exist in tough states in order for DFA and other organizations to train activists and help candidates run for office or pass legislation. One prime example of this is Sally Kohn, who penned one of the most widely read political columns of the 2012 cycle calling Paul Ryan a liar right on Fox News’ website.

Other scholars advocate for constituencies and issues all over the country and their on-the-ground voice is critical to our collective success. Just to name a few there is Dulce Matuz, who was named one of Time’s top 100 most influential people of 2012, for her activism on the DREAM Act, and James Woods who has fought for greater gun violence prevention measures and we featured in Democracy for America TV ad telling his story.

It’s not just about influencing lawmakers. Some scholars have even run for office, like Elliot Anderson who successfully became a State Representative in Nevada and fights every day to pass progressive legislation.

These scholars are the rising stars of the progressive movement, and just as they learn the skills they need to take their activism to the next level, we get to learn from them. With them they bring their inspiring stories, energy, enthusiasm and reports from the ground that make Netroots Nation the must attend event of the year for progressives. That’s why we want to send you! Apply for the scholarship here.

Whether it's beating back the anti-women ballot initiative in Mississippi a few years ago, organizing against Keystone XL in East Texas, or anti-fracking resolutions in towns all over the country, local activists always make the difference and the NN scholarship program does a lot to promote their story and help them be more effective. Apply to be a 2013 scholar here.

PS you can also vote your favorite activist, and give them the chance to attend by clicking here.


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