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When Angus King got elected I did not much get how someone would run solely on Filibuster reform.

But since the Elections, how many topics have we discussed, only to know compromise would be needed because of the "threat of" a minority. Maybe he was far more correct than we realize.

What exactly is the point of having every reason in the world and all of the Public support in the world if a small group can stop it? For any issue. Anything we can think of the president can, that arises.

Opening my eyes more I see our Politicians are not engaged in Politics. They are a lot more like Public figures. Political Theatre and entertainment. Where they don't have to worry about being unpopular because they can depend (I don't care D's are R's) on a small group stopping them (whose base it's popular to) everyone wins. Oh, they tried. Or good they stopped them.

No. I don't see how anything else can be (let alone should be a focus until this is).


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Otherwise what is the point. This is all just entertainment. If you can have 90% of the Country support something and not care much it doesn't get done, what the heck is going on?

Does any issue matter to discuss on here. Who cares whose in power (other than SCOTUS) because nothing will happen. I am tired of trusting/waiting. I think Angus King had it right. We are a democracy not the opposite of Genioocracy. That is the dumbest 5% thwarting majorities.

I seriously question the point except to keep alive, any debate until we face the reality that without pressure we are just fans of issues. Rooting on and demonizing the other side like the Yankees. It's just theatre.

Why should we discuss an issue when there is a threshold that is simply forbidding any meaningful change. We might as well be under Feudal law and think we have an opinion at the round table. We don't. No one is looking out for anyone.  

I suggest that something be done until this is the sole focal point. If something survives and passes it should be as designed, as the Country elected. We should not be accepting scraps because we know they need to talk. No. There is a majority. And the Country has clear agendas.

Sorry to vent, but it is more and more clear how futile anything is, as we do not live in a democracy or a republic. If we did 90% is by far enough. I don't know what we live in.

But all issues should be on the back-burner until the Government can't bail itself out by claiming that "well, it's these darned rules". That makes everything a self-fulfilling prophecy so all you see are the hurdles, and compromises. Which shouldn't matter.

No one is winning. I don't know what I can do. But this will be for awhile the sole thing I can think about.

It'd be nice to see say Sandy Hook ppl Sue as unconstitutional. Or an average citizen saying I elected a representative based on the way things are supposed to work.

This needs to matter. Otherwise nothing else does. Ideas Opinions welcomed. End venting

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