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Today is the first Sunday-on-Friday in May, so that means a Potluck! We have a Cryptic Crossword and an Ana-Gremlin from Nova Land, a Juliecrostic from me, and in honor of our beloved founder, a classic Juliecrostic from Julie.

If you have a puzzle for our potluck table, put it in the comments and I'll post it to the puzzle. I may have to leave early, but we'll have lots of fun anyway!

Over the puzzle piece for the potluck table!


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A Cryptic Crossword from Nova:

This is a Cryptic Crossword.

For anyone unfamiliar with this kind of puzzle, you can find an explanation of how they work here (courtesy of The Nation).

4 x 4 crossword grid


1. Kind sir, may I have a pince?
5. Small wonder the natural state is cherished.
6. Girl is in a large rush.
7. Damsel sees she has something different.


1. Repeated Doocey's talking points, got confused, and now is unemployed.
2. It's true: the creator of "All In The Family" is insane.
3. A large number of people are married to Limbaugh.
4. As Rush says, "elite" originally was a European word for people like him.


It's been quite a while since I've posted an Ana-Gremlin, so for those of you who've forgotten how they work (or those of you who've never seen one of these before) here's an explanation.

Ana-Gremlins are anagram puzzles consisting of an ordered list of related words.  They could be the months of the year, the days of the week, names of world leaders, the words of a poem -- almost anything.  

Before the items in the list get anagrammed, each item (a) gives one of its letters to some other items on the list, and (b) gets one new letter from some other item on the list.  The result is a list of one-off anagrams.  The challenge is to reconstruct the original list.  (As a help in solving, the words appear in alphabetical order of the unanagrammed words.)

For example, if I gave you

3. ran
1. vine
2. gold
4. propels
the answer would be: 

3. and ------ ran ------- [ D ] -- [ R ]
1. live ----- vine ------ [ L ] -- [ N ] 
2. long ----- gold ------ [ N ] -- [ D ]
4. prosper -- propels --- [ R ] -- [ L ]

Read the original words in order, from 1 to 4, and you get: "Live long and prosper!"

Got the idea? Then here's today's puzzle. 

8. ANY HINT    
9. NOT A NUN    
1. CLEAN    
4. HORN    
3. LAMEST    
2. JOINS        


This is the very first Sunday Puzzle JulieCrostic! Julie posted it December 23rd, 2007, in her 10th Sunday Puzzle diary. (Kind of amazing to look back and realized the first nine Sunday Puzzle diaries didn't have JulieCrostics!)

Back in the very early days there were always 3 answers per row and Julie provided a chart which revealed the word lengths. For this puzzle the word lengths are 5-6-7.

Here Julie's clues are. Have fun solving this (or re-solving it, if like science and plf you were around to solve it the first time)!

 1. after
 2. emote with
 3. sugar
 4. rage
 5. threat
 6. burly
 7. organization
 8. edit
 9. concerned
10. passion
11. fleet
12. major religious holiday
13. small amount
14. one who carries heavy loads
15. revoke
16. wordsmiths
17. tyrant
18. bent
19. educate
20. wound, verbally
21. admonish

And here's my Juliecrostic.

 1 Does anybody else?
 2 A chipmunk
 3 Asshat from Texas
 4 7 seconds of broadcasting. 7 seconds of broadcasting.

 6 Cod
 7 Nut
 8 Hor d'oeuvre
 9 Bow
10 Slow
11 Inactive
12 Monica
13 Aloha mountain
14 Roberts
15 Wisdom, sometimes
16 Gown
17 Lick
18 In heraldry, pallets on the field
19 It's the thing!
20 Cash
21 West
22 1980 film, remade in 2009
23 Incriminate
24 Gardener
25 Lincoln
26 Christian
27 Austere
28 Fouled in baseball
And a quicky bonus Juliecrostic, especially for Nova!
1 Brew
 2 Characteristic of corderoy
 3 Gore went for a swim
 4 Purse
 5 Before May
 6 Fruit
 7 Magic flute
 8 Release
 9 No
10 Nathan
11 Inclined
12 Plaint
13 Before
14 Wax
15 Laundry detergent
16 One who repeats
17 Chlamydia
18 Points
19 Spoils
20 Ejected
21 Salton
22 Juncture
23 Faced crabs (yay MarkH!)
24 River
25 Lightning
26 Pb
27 A singer with one name
28 Mended
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